Howard: No Timetable for Return

Ryan Howard spoke to reporters a few minutes ago about his recovery from an infection in his left Achilles.

Here are some highlights:

Q: Has this been upsetting?
A: No, man. I’ve been good. I’ve just tried to stay positive through the entire thing. These kinds of things happen. The only thing you can do is stay positive. If you start to get down on yourself it’s not going to help the situation either way. I’m just looking at it as a positive, trying to keep it on the up and up.

Q: Is the infection gone?
A: I would hope so. I mean, they operated on it. I would hope that it’s out of there. Now just continue to take those precautions and just wait for everything to heal up.

Q: How much longer in the boot?
A: I don’t know. I mean, guess right now we’re just waiting for the skin to heal up. I mean, that’s really what the purpose of the boot is. I think people see me in the boot they think it’s a lot worse than what it really is. Right now we’re just trying to protect the skin and protect the wound and let it heal up. Once it heals up then I’ll be out of the boot.

Q: You went to Baltimore with an open wound, right?
A: They took out the sutures on the wound. It was kind of on each side of my Achilles. My Achilles is fine. My Achilles wasn’t touchd at all. It was just basically the wound. There was a couple little holes or whatnot and now they’re pretty much filled in. Now we’re just waiting for that skin and all that stuff.

Q: Phillies said best case scenario you could be back in May. Is that possibility over?
A: I don’t know. It all depends on how the skin heals and then as far as the progression of trying to pick back up where I was. I’m going to try to stay optimistic and see what happens, but like I’ve said before there’s really no time limit on it. Once it’s 100 percent we’ll go from there.

Q: Are you starting from Ground Zero once the boot is off?
A: I doubt it. I really doubt it. From where I had to start before, I had a bum Achilles. We had to strengthen that up. But my Achilles each day, even though I’m not doing some of the stuff I was doing before, is still getting stronger just through rest. My goal and hope is once I get out of the boot we can hit the ground running and pick up where we left off.

Q: People assume if you miss three weeks your return is pushed back three weeks. Is that the case?
A: No, we’re hoping not. I think that the thing was, my Achilles was weak. We did some things to make my Achilles stronger. Each day of rest, it continues to heal and get stronger. We’ll try to do what we can to put ourselves in the best position so once this boot comes off we can hit the ground running.


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Ryan Howard speaks and I feel better. Chase Utley is silent and I feel worse.

Don’t think you can “operate” on an infection, can you? You can do things to help it heal – lancing absesses and such like but infections get treated with meds, not operated on right?

“Is the infection gone?” “I would hope so”…. How about: “Are you still taking antibiotics?” Isn’t that the real question????

It makes sense to me that you can operate on an infection to drain whatever’s in there (not to be too gross). I’m sure it’s not as simple as doing it in an office setting. Seems like it’s time to be worried about him and Chase, both. Rollins sure seems to be worried, and my guess is that he’s a little more candid than Charlie in these cases…

Jimmy has played a lot with Chase over the years. He saw the drop in defensive ability last year. He knows the condition will never get better and that Chase has to learn how to play with pain until it’s too much for him and he needs time off. Jimmy has a front row seat for this and he doesn’t like what he has seen happen to his teammate and friend.

I am certain that I can heal Ryan Howards wound quickly with a wound healing medicine that I developed from all natural ingredients. I would Love to assist him in healing if he would trust & allow me to be of service. I am not certain how to contact him to let him know that I can help him. So if anyone here & knows how to contact him & if he is nterested in my assistance please have Ryan or his represenative contact me. Thank You! Let ud get

I meant to finish by saying let us get Ryan back out on the field so the Phillied can win. Vern Morin 609-602-6275

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