Who Hits Third?

Chase Utley is going to open the season on the disabled list because of bad knees. That means the team needs a new No. 3 hitter …


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I would put Hunter in the 3 hole and try JMJ at cleanup!
Your thoughts Todd?

Tony Clifton Lee

Where is Tad Iguchi?

All of those could do it, but who”s #1`,#2, AND #4? I imagine you want to mix up RH/LH hitters….

I think the most likely lineup is this:
1. Rollins/Victorino (likely Rollins)
2. Polanco
3. Rollins/Victorino (likely Victorino)
4. Pence
5. Mayberry
6. Insert 1B/LF
7. Ruiz
8. Galviz
9. Pitcher

They’re really gonna miss Valdez now!

karen, I only think they’ll miss Valdez if somebody else goes down. Galvis will be just as good or better.

Phan52: True and will be nice to have some youth on the field, but Valdez can play just about any infield position.

Phan, you had to say something? DId you have to tempt the gods? bye bye minimart

I feel bad for the kid FIJ, but Michael Martinez is not a MLB player. He is easily replaced or upgraded.

If we go by Grapefruit League offensive production, it would be Galvis……

Here’s my line-up: (1) Rollins, SS; (2) Victorino, CF; (3) Pence, RF; (4) Thome, 1st; (5) Polanco, 3rd: (6) Mayberry, LF; (7) Ruiz, C; (8) Galvis; (9) Halladay, RHP.

thome can’t play everyday cmon

opening day line up will be….
victorino(cf) polanco(3b) surprise pick up from rueban(lf)hunter(rf) mayberry(1st)rollins(ss)ruiz(c)galvis(2b)the doc on the mound unless idiot Ken rosenthal writes another unprofessional article and the doc goes and beats him up…this is the line up that will start the phils season where they win their 6th nl east title…this team is still a very good team and if your gonna complain then get off the bandwagon now and don’t come climbing on in july…I am tired of all the negative crap I am hearing about THE BEST TEAM IN PHILLY OVER THE LAST 7 YEARS, IT IS SICKENING


the opening day line up (not the one we’ll see every day) is: Rollins (ss), Polly (3B) Pence (rf) Thome (1B), Victorino (cf) Mayberry (lf) Ruiz (c), Galvis (2B) normally we’ll have Victorino, Polly, Rollins, Pence, Mayberry (1b) Podsednik (lf), Ruiz, Galvis

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