I wrote a lot about boots yesterday.

Ryan Howard spoke for a few minutes in the morning at Bright House Field. He offered his thoughts on Chase Utley‘s latest setback, and the progress he made on his left foot. Howard said he hopes he has the protective boot removed within the next two weeks. But with Utley out of town visiting a specialist and Howard still in a walking boot, it’s easy to see both of these guys missing the first third of the season (or more).

And I know the Phillies have said they’ve overcome injuries before, but not quite like this. The Phillies have played 1,054 regular-season games since Howard became their everyday first baseman on July 2, 2005, but they have played just 21 games without Howard and Utley on the field at the same time. They played their longest stretch without them in 2010, when they went 12 consecutive games without them from Aug. 3-15.

They went 9-3 in that stretch, but we’re talking 20, 30, 40 games or more this time.


Stepped into the visitor’s clubhouse yesterday afternoon to see Michael Martinez hobbling in a walking boot. He fractured his right foot when hit by a pitch in the seventh inning.

The Phillies have said they’re not looking to acquire any infielders from outside the organization, but they’re certainly looking. And they might pick up those efforts with few remaining choices in camp now that Martinez is out.


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The last time Ryan came back “early”. He wasn’t productive at all. It was clear that he came back before he was healed……..Why do I think the same thing is going to happen again? “Two weeks” turns into “today”???? WTHeck! I guess we’ll have to pray that this time will be different or else we’ll have to endure a Gimpy Ryan hitting below the Mendoza Line with an RBI every 30 ABs and a HR every 75 ABs while Charlie is saying, “I know what he’s capable of.” for a whole lousy season……

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