Galvis Bruises Foot, Bastardo Looks for Velocity

Freddy Galvis offered a quick smile in front of his locker this afternoon at Bright House Field.

“It’s good,” he said. “I’m good.”

Galvis fouled a pitch off the top of his left foot in the eighth inning in a 5-4 victory over the Pirates. Galvis, who left the game, suffered a bruise, but the Phillies do not believe the injury to be serious.

Galvis, who did not have x-rays, is day-to-day. A doctor will examine him tomorrow.

“Tomorrow I’m good,” Galvis insisted.

The Phillies already are without Ryan Howard (left Achilles surgery), Chase Utley (chronic left knee injury) and Michael Martinez (fractured right foot). They cannot afford to lose Galvis for any period of time.

That said, Charlie Manuel said it wasn’t a scary moment for him.

“Scary, no?” he said. “It takes a hell of a lot to scare me. If I get scared, I usually get mad.”


There are obvious infield concerns, but there is a concern in the bullpen, too.


You will know by Friday whether or not Juan Pierre is making the Opening Day roster.


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Without Chase and Ryan (and to a lesser extent Raul) in the line up this season, I don’t think the Phils have the luxury of keeping Podsedniks bat and glove in LV simply because they CAN and still keep them. The way Podsednik has been playing, he deserves to be the openingday leftfielder. Mayberry hasn’t looked good this spring and the Phils can ill-afford to let him bat .200 for the month of April starting every game. Also, They have a ton of outfielders as it is, why does Ruben need a Podsednik and a Montanez in LV while there are less productive guys in the lineup and on the bench when the season starts? There will be NO Chase or Ryan for maybe THREE months! I’d rather see Ruben trade Podsednik for a decent secondbaseman or utility infielder than allow him to rot in LV. It ain’t fair!

Erich, I iagree that Pods needs to make the team ahead of pierre, however, take it easy abut judging people on Spring. Mayberry hasn’t look good at the plate, but he’s been trying to bounce between LF/1B not knowing exactly what his role will be. We will misxs Howard but Chase last year wasn’t a big help, even when he came back. Expect great things from Galvis who has shown us he can play anywhere he needs to. Is he our 3B of the future?

Mayberry and Nix are starting to remind me of Ben Francisco, and we all know how that turned out. I’ve always liked Podsednick better than Pierre. I don’t know why they even bothered to bring in Pierre with Podsednick around. Myabe they weren’t sure if he was completely healthy, but it’s obvious now that he is.
This kid Montanez intrigues me. A high first round pick who always rakes in the minors but has never been able to get it together in MLB. Some guys are just late bloomers. Or maybe he’s Roger Freed.

I too like Montanez. These injuries are bit nerve racking. I guess it’s good the season hasn’t started.

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