Your 2012 Opening Day Roster

The Phillies announced their Opening Day roster, which includes 12 pitchers, two catchers, six infielders and five outfielders.

Here it is:

  • Pitchers (12): Right-handers Joe Blanton, Roy Halladay, David Herndon, Kyle Kendrick, Jonathan Papelbon, Chad Qualls, Mike Stutes and Vance Worley; and left-handers Antonio Bastardo, Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee and Joe Savery.
  • Catchers (2): Carlos Ruiz and Brian Schneider.
  • Infielders (6): Freddy Galvis, Pete Orr, Placido Polanco, Jimmy Rollins, Jim Thome and Ty Wigginton.
  • Outfielders (5): John Mayberry Jr., Laynce Nix, Hunter Pence, Juan Pierre and Shane Victorino.

The Phillies made the following transactions: selected Orr’s contract, putting him on the 40-man roster; reassigned infielder Hector Luna, outfielder Scott Podsednik and left-hander Raul Valdes to Triple-A Lehigh Valley; placed infielders Ryan Howard (left Achilles surgery), Michael Martinez (fractured fourth metatarsal in right foot) and Chase Utley (chondromalacia); and right-handers Jose Contreras (right elbow surgery) and Justin De Fratus (right elbow sprain) on the DL, retroactive to March 26.

Initial reaction: Awesome to see Savery make the team. Great story. Great guy. … Podsednik knew best when he said he didn’t like his chances of making the team, despite the Phillies’ insistence last week he could still make the squad. … Herndon had a 1.94 ERA from May 22 through the end of the regular season, but allowed 47.1 percent (8 of 17) of his inherited runners to score for the season. If he improves on that last figure he could be a valuable piece in the middle innings. … Stutes must have shown the bosses enough to convince them he’s ready to start the season. He had been battling right shoulder stiffness.


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Pleased for Joe Savery. The pen is aiming at being a large strength in ’12.

Curiously, even with the strong rostered guys now,DeFratus, Diekman, and Aumont are knocking on the door and seem just a few months (?) from being ready to help the big club. Not sure about Contreras being of much help this season…certainly both he and DeFratus must re-gain their health. Don’t believe DeFratus has pitched an inning in ST games….??? He’s the one to be most concerned about…reporting with a sore arm.

IMO, it would be a terrific thing to have the pen assume a larger role in ’12. Believing that it has the potential of being extraordinary with those names now and soon, I’d love to see Charlie ask the starters to accept leaving the game after the 7th inning in games that are not close. The number of innings thrown by our BIG 3 has got to take a toll on Lee and Halladay who are both in their 30s; relieving them of some “unnecessary” innings could reander at stronger rotation at season’s end…and maybe some future years of arm strength.

I really don’t understand not keeping Hector Luna up and keeping Laynce Nix instead. Luna is more versatile, has better power and hit better in the spring. I know he could come back up from Lehigh Valley soon, but I’m afraid the lack of power in this lineup is going to be an early season problem.

Wished Luna made the team also, but Nix is making $$$$, so that’s why he was never in doubt. I just knew Herndon was going to make the team. He drives me insane.

I sent Todd a screen shot of this mess. Hopefully he gets it and can do something abut it.

Couldn’t agree more about Luna — really sorry to hear he didn’t make it. Wigginton (and Nix for that matter) seems to be a bust, at least based on his BA! Luna’s bat would’ve been really useful!

Todd is right about Herndon’s need to stop allowing inherited runnerws to score. Ironically, he did it again yesterday. With two outs and a guy at first, he gave up a double allowing that run to score. That adversely effected Bastardo’s spring stats, but NOT Herdon’s own.

“12” pitchers only makes sense if you know you can’t rely on the “11” you have. I think Charlie and Dubee are hedging their bets with Bastardo and Stutes, who may not be ready to pitch a lot of innings in early April…..

Also taking into account the number of rainouts they normally have in April and the need to turn games over to Pen. In many ways makes sense as this way you don’t run up the long guys and middle innings guy’s numbers to early. That said, I’d have loved for Luna to have made the team. DId you see where BoSox have 13 Pitchers? that’s just insane

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