Good morning from Pittsburgh!

It’s Opening Day, and here’s your Phillies lineup:

  1. Shane Victorino, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 3B
  3. Jimmy Rollins, SS
  4. Hunter Pence, RF
  5. Ty Wigginton, 1B
  6. John Mayberry Jr., LF
  7. Carlos Ruiz, C
  8. Freddy Galvis, 2B
  9. Roy Halladay, P

There had been some thought Manuel would have Juan Pierre hit first and play left field, but he chose Mayberry in left and Wigginton at first. One reason for that is the righty-lefty matchup against Pirates left-hander Erik Bedard. The other reason is Manuel wanted to show a little faith in Mayberry, who struggled this spring, but played well for the Phillies down the stretch last season.

“I looked at how Mayberry played at the end of last year,” Manuel said. “I figured we wanted to get Wigginton’s bat in the lineup. I put him in the five-hole because of his strength, and his power numbers in the past. One guy I was really considering playing was Pierre. He’s going to get to play a lot. He’s going to lead off a lot. And Mayberry is going to play a lot. So is Wigginton and so is Laynce Nix. I’m going to play a lot of guys early in the season and kind of get them lined up and in a position where they do feel confident to have a good season.

“When I look at our lineup, the more players I can get on the field early I think that’s really going to help us down the road. Our guys are going to get to play. Our bench can play now more than ever.”


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Best day of the year, Todd. And with all apologies to CBP, you’ve provided an excellent pic of my favorite park in baseball. My trip out there last season, and the walk over the Clemente Bridge, left me in awe.


Thanks for fixing the blog—looks great.

Let’s play 2!

I like the lineup, although it leaves Orr as the only RH bat off the bench. Get to ’em early and let Halladay do his stuff.

Be good to see Doc go 7.

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Play ball!!!!

Since Pierre hits lefties at a .305 clip over his career, I’d say that it’s more a show of faith in Mayberry than the lefty-lefty thing. His average against lefties is a little higher than his average against right-handers – .293

YAHOO! Opening day is finally here! GO PHILS!

The Phillies need a good year from Mayberry. I’d hate to see Pierre’s candy arm in LF every day, and I’m sure the pitchers feel the same way.
Stat: Juan Pierre has never thrown out a runner going from second to home after a single to LF. Never, as in ZERO. He’s done it ONCE from CF. And that’s with starting over 1600 games in the OF. Who do you think Roy Halladay wants playing LF?

If Pierre was playing left instead of Mayberry, the Phillies would have lost today. Mayberry has to play everyday. It’s the only way to find out how good he really is.

JRoll gets a bunt single in his first at-bat. Small ball!!

The season is barely a day old and I’m already sick of hearing “small ball.”

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