Man or Machine? Burrell to Retire A Phillie

From the Phillies:

Outfielder Pat Burrell will officially retire as a Phillie during the Boston Red Sox series at Citizens Bank Park in May.

The 35-year-old will sign a one-day minor league contract with the Phillies, thus officially retiring as a member of the organization that selected him as the very first player in the 1998 draft. He’ll be honored during pregame on Saturday, May 19, by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

Burrell wore Phillies pinstripes for nine seasons and ranks fourth in club history in home runs (251), eighth in RBI (827) and ninth in extra-base hits (518). His Phillies career concluded with a World Championship in 2008. His last hit as a Phillie was a double that led to the winning run in the decisive Game 5.

He spent the last three seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays and San Francisco Giants, winning another World Series with the Giants in 2010.


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I hated to see Pat The Bat go, but because he always seemed to be injured and prone to long slumps, I understood why the Phils decided to not sign him. The fact that he was a vital part of that Giants team that won the 2010 WS proves he still had some good baseball left in him. Once he left, he never bad-mouthed us phans and only expressed appreciation to the phans and organization. I’m glad that the organization is giving him the opportunity to retire as a Phillie. After reading Paul Hagen’s article about what the Giants did for him, I have a great respect for that team, that organization and their fanbase. I hope we can at least match what they did for him.

A “vital part” of the Giants WS team? The guy who hit .143 for the Giants in the postseason that year? The only thing he proved was that it was over for him.
I always liked Pat, but I’m not going to exaggerate his prowess. Nor will I exaggerate his shortcomings because I think Phillies phans had a habit of doing that when he was here. He was a solid MLB player, who’s worst offense in Philly was getting a huge contract before it was really due.

Phan, you can be a real but-hole sometimes. Take your stats and shove them up your ars… You obvious no nothing about what Burrell did for the Giants. Why don’t you post your ignorant comments on their boards to “enlighten” them. Without Pat Burrell, the Giants would have been so far behind the Padres that they wouldn’t have made the postseason.

Just watched Joe Blanton increase his trade value. Way to go, Joe!

I’m preparing myself for the revionist history on the mediocre career of Burrell.


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