Cliff Lee’s teammates expressed their frustrations and condolences tonight at AT&T Park.

He deserved better a fate.

He pitched 10 scoreless innings in a 1-0 loss to the Giants in 11 innings. Lee became the first pitcher to pitch 10 innings in a game since Aaron Harang and Roy Halladay in 2007, the first pitcher to pitch 10 scoreless innings since Mark Mulder in 2005 and the first Phillies pitcher to pitch 10 innings since Terry Mulholland in 1993.

But Lee also became the first pitcher to pitch 10 scoreless innings in a losing effort since Brett Saberhagen’s Mets lost to San Diego in 1994.

“He battled,” Jim Thome said about Lee. “He battled.”

Thome sighed deeply before finishing his thought.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t help him out,” he said.

A few things on the night:

  • Lee and Matt Cain pitched so effectively and efficiently the teams played nine innings in just 1 hour, 50 minutes.
  • They played the entire game in 2:27.
  • Lee threw 102 pitches (81 strikes).
  • Cain threw 91 pitches (64 strikes).
  • Cain would have started the 10th, except his spot came up in the bottom of the 9th.
  • Charlie Manuel, on his decision to have Thome face Giants left-hander Javier Lopez, instead of using one of his two right-handed hitters on the bench: “I thought about sending (John Mayberry Jr.) up to hit. Thome is 2-for-11 off the guy with three strikeouts. That means he put the ball in play eight times. If he hits a ball, as big and strong as he is, we have a chance to score a run. Also, I figured he was definitely going to walk Mayberry. Juan Pierre hits .300 off lefties, but he still has to face a sidearm lefty.”
  • Thome, on his failed at-bat: “The main priority right there is really to put the ball in play. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it.”
  • Manuel said he considered replacing Ty Wigginton with Placido Polanco an inning earlier because Polanco is superior defensively, but he said he stayed with Wigginton because he wanted to keep Wigginton’s bat in the game. Wigginton committed a costly error in the 11th.
  • Lee said Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee told him that he was finished pitching after nine innings, but he successfully lobbied to stay in the game. “I told them I could keep pitching easy so he said, ‘Let me go talk to Charlie,’ and they decided to let me go back out there,” he said. “Before the 11th I tried it again but nothing happened.”
  • The Phillies dropped to 5-7 and find themselves in sole possession of last place in the National League East. They have not been in last place this late in the season since April 20, 2007.


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once again dumb old-timer CM gets outmanaged by Bruce Bochy; I mean, Bochy just managed, remaining one step ahead of CM non-manoeuvering. Let’s hope this hopeless struggle could lead to some quck changes…

When you pay two pitchers $36.5 million and run lineups out there with guys like Thome, Nix, Theriot and Brandon Crawford what do you think is going to happen?
Offensively, I don’t like this Phillies team at all.

Theriot and Crawford play for the Giants🙂 Considering that the Phils knew that Utley was damaged goods, Theriot would have been a nice fit at second base and a super-sub all around the infield as a free agent. At least Crawford is young and very athletic and swings hard, while JRoll looks very arthritic🙂

I KNOW Theriot and Crawford play for the Giants. That’s my point. Cain and Lee BOTH pitched shutout ball. Geez, the level of commenters on this board is amazing.

Hey Jim Thome. Don’t apologize. Just retire.

Time to bring up Scott Podsednik and get rid of Lance Nix. Juan Pierre is just bad for any team, a black could always follows him.

How’d that black clould appear in 2003 when Pierre hit .305 and stole 65 bases for the champion Marlin?

Hence 2005

2003 was lifetime ago, muleman. The current Pierre model is the guy who has led the league in CS the last two years, and couldn’t break a window with a thrown baseball.
A decent bench ceases to be a decent bench when they have to play everyday. This team is hopeless until Howard and Utley get back.

why do we even have pierre? they should bring up brown. brown isn’t the answer but at least he can hit XBH and occasionally hrs. phillies are just getting older and everyone hit their ceiling except for brown.

and seriously why didnt CM pull out thome? he could have at least ate more of giants pen. both pitchers deserved a win but i think lee edged cain a little more.

ugh ….

Charlie Manuel owns this loss.
This loss belongs to Charlie M. who made many manager mistakes in just the 11th inning. First. Lets have Galvins bunt with no outs to move the Ruiz to third. Galvins has been hitting the ball hard and enen if he popped out Ruiz would have advanced. second mistake, bring on Thome for an automaic out. He can’t hit he’s to old, he needs to go. Number three: he replaced Pierre who’s hitting the ball for base hits with Mayberry who is as cold as ice. Automatic out number 3. Add to this that have wiggington playing 3rd instread of 1st and the table is set for the loss. Just like Charlie stuck with Lidge way to long after he blew save after save, how long wil it take to realize that thome can no long hit this pitching. Also stop bouncing people around. Keep the same players at the same positions and see if they gell into a team. The Outfield should be Pierre, Victorino and Pence. The Infield should be Wiggington at 1st, Galvins at second Rollins at short and Polanco at third. Pinch hit with niks if you need to. This is why the team with the best pitchers in all baseball is in last place. Its not the players it the management.

Charlie only know how to manage super stars. He gets out coached all the time. I guess Gross will be gone soon. They need somebody to blame. If Charlie is such a great hitting coach why even have Gross? Why did Mayberry have to go to triple A last year for a coach to figure out what was wrong. Same thing with Herdon and Whorley.

WOW, frilly faithful, eating their young. You guys look like the Braves in September last year. So sorry the offense has crumbled. Guess you just can’t buy bats like you used to.

LOL!! Hey billreef, I love your revisionist history. If the Braves had gone 6-7 down the stretch they would have been in the playoffs so, no, the Phillies aren’t anywhere close to the Braves in September last year.

Actually, the Phils are saving it for September, otherwise known as Braves-Choke Month

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