Cover Your Eyes

Freddy Galvis has no reason to hang his head. He has played brilliant defense, and is hitting .214 with four doubles, one home run and five RBIs through 17 games. Those five extra-base hits are tied with Carlos Ruiz for the team lead. Not bad for a guy that had just 121 at-bats above Double-A Reading before this season.

It’s the rest of the offense that has played terribly.

That is why the Phillies clung to the five runs they scored in the ninth inning in last night’s 9-5 loss to the Diamondbacks.

Charlie Manuel called it a morale booster.


Chase Utley would not offer a timetable for his return, but I would not be surprised if he is back before June 1. He returned to action on May 23 last season, and Utley sure seemed pleased with his progress when we talked to him yesterday. We asked Charlie Manuel if Utley could play some first base upon his return, especially if Ryan Howard is still on the DL. Manuel would not rule out the possibility, but he did not say it was something he was considering, either.

I’m curious to see what happens when Utley and Howard return. Is there a chance Galvis could play third base, especially if Placido Polanco continues to struggle? Galvis has proven he can play shortstop and second base. He took some ground balls at third base this spring, but that’s quite an adjustment from shortstop and second. And I’m doubtful the Phillies would want Galvis learning a new position at the big-league level. I’m also not sure how Galvis’ arm would play there. The fact he is a natural shortstop would have me think he could make the throw, but you never know.

Something to think about.


The Phillies hit their first home run of the season with runners on base when Shane Victorino hit a three-run homer in the ninth. I would love to know the last time the Phillies went 17 games into a season without hitting anything more than a solo home run.


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Great Piece! Do you think the Phillies will trade for a bat at some point? Or will they wait for their guys to get healthy?

They should move Rollins to 3B and let Galvis play SS.

Let’s calm down with the Galvis love. Yes, he is a great fielder – but so was Valdez. Yes he tries hard, so did Valdez. Yes, he gets hits on occassion, so did Valdez. BUT, in the end this guy is a utility infielder because he does not hit. Yes I know the other Phillies are not hitting now but they have in the past. Polanco was a .300 lifetime hitter. I would rather stick with him than go with Galvis at third. Polanco is a fine thirdbaseman.

You don’t expect much from your utility infielder so when he gives you anything you are pleased. But that does not make him a MLB starter if you can get a good infielder who can hit.

you’re a knucklehead. Galvis is 22, Valdez was 32. So there’s a huge difference named UPSIDE bud.

You beat me to it, Mike. Galvis is a GG player in the making, not a utility infielder. And as good as Valdez was, the defense is not comparable. The only thing Valdez has that is close to Galvis is his arm.

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