Ah, There’s the Offense

The Phillies scored 20 runs in 19 innings to win their first road series of the season and finish 5-5 on a road trip through San Francisco, San Diego and Arizona.

Honestly, after watching the way this trip started, 5-5 seems like quite an accomplishment.

The Phillies hit just .239/.283/.317 with just 27 extra-base hits in their first 16 games. They averaged just 2.7 runs per game in that stretch. But in the three-game series against the Diamondbacks, they hit .327/.351/545 with 13 extra-base hits. They averaged 6.7 runs per game in the series.

Now the trick is keeping it up …


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Placido Polanco went 3-for-3 with two walks today. He desperately needed an afternoon like that.

“It was a very good feeling,” he said. “I’m seeing the ball better. And we won.”

Charlie Manuel has said Polanco’s lack of at-bats in Spring Training might have affected his start. Polanco doesn’t agree.

“I’m just off with my timing,” he said. “Sometimes you make adjustments in a day or two days. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes you have one good day, two bad days. You want to find a point where you stay steady and have good at-bats every day. That’s when the team start to go really well.”

It goes without saying the Phillies need Polanco to pick up, especially if Manuel plans to keep hitting him second.


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J-Stroll out of the 3-hole, and look at all those runs last night. Not a coincidence I think, and this time it was against a D-Backs pitcher with single digits ERA.

“J-Stroll” – AWESOME! Just perfect. And you are 100% correct. I’ve been thinking in almost every game this year, Jimmy looks like he needs a rest. He looks so tired when he can’t seem to finish running out a ground ball . . . to end an inning . . . with men on base.

Ha, so instead Victorino goes 0 for 5 and that solves the Phils hitting issues?

Good game by the Phillies phans too by blowing up the D-backs scoreboard on Twitter. #GoDbacks

One of the problems I have with Charlie’s managing style is how guys who he “gives a day off” to wind up in the game eventually. When Schneider catches and Ruiz is sitting, he’ll put Carlos in the game in the 8th inning. Last night, Rollins eventually played even though he “needs a rest.”
That’s not a rest or a night off. If a guy is sitting, let him sit. He still has to loosen up, get in the batting cage and play three innings. That’s pointless to me.
When a guy is sitting, he should sit the whole night. Especially last night, when the score was lopsided and it wasn’t necessary to bring Jimmy in.

I don’t think it’s an accomplishment for the Phils to hit in a hitter’s park that is the second highest stadium in MLB, but is required to use a HUMIDOR, like the Rockies are. I think I’ll wait to see how they hit closer to sealevel…..

BUT IS NOT REQUIRED TO USE A HUMIDOR….. I hate the fact that you can’t edit mistakes like that on this @#$%&*ing blog…..

kind of Strange. No Frilly trolls on the Braves website this season. Oh, I guess that’e because, THEY SUCK!!!!!. You guys have a slight margin keeping you out of last place. And i know, you will play the injury card, but bottom line is, YOU SUCK. Yeah, and i hope you can score some runs at sea level, that would be BREAKING NEWS. Hope you guys, get a little lead in your pencil, we don’t want to have to battle the Nationals for the title.

LOL!! Dude, you wlill never learn will you? How many seasons will it take you to learn that they play 162 games? You’d think after last September that even a casual Braves fan would have figured that out, but not our Billy Reefer. Classic.

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