Oh, It Is On

And the rivarly between the Phillies and Nationals just kicked up another notch. (From 10 to 11?)

Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo absolutely blasted Cole Hamels in an interview with The Washington Post.

Read the story here.

A few highlights:

    • “I’ve never seen a more classless, gutless chicken [bleep] act in my 30 years in baseball.”
    • “He’s fake tough.”
    • “No one has ever accused Cole Hamels of being old school.”

Good news for Phillies fans: The pool of teams interested in signing Hamels in the offseason shrunk by one. Bad news for Phillies fans: Expect Hamels to be suspended.


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Just a reminder: The Phillies and Nationals play a three-game series at Citizens Bank Park on May 21-23.



Looks like Mike Rizzo forgot about all of Harper’s past antics. I personally think blowing a kiss to a pitcher is a bit more classless!

What’s all the fuss? Our guy hit their guy, then their guy hit our guy, and then we played the game to completion. Big deal. Nobody got hurt over that.

BucksBeats I agree with you. I think this will probably be blown up and all over the place when it really shouldn’t be. But oh well, it was a great game regardless.

This schifoso is a disgrace to the name ‘Rizzo’!

I think that it’s good Mike Rizzo is standing up for his guy because the Nationals cannot have anything happen to Bryce Harper. However, with that being said I don’t think Cole Hamels is fake tough. I think that Hamels is real tough because he had to go to bat knowing that he was going to wear one. He wore it like a man and whether you think that is right or wrong he did it the way he thought it was supposed to be done and knew the consequences. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog post because I would really like to hear your thoughts http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/cold-time-baseball/

Looks like Mike Rizzo is taking a page out of Bill Veeck’s book – keeping people talking and stirring up “controversy” in order to sell tickets. Granted, Veeck didn’t put specific players on blast to keep the hype going, which, in my opinion, is the definition of “Classless”.

well…maybe next time better throw at his head and tell “…the pitch just slipped out of my hand at 95 mph…”…can’t wait for the series in Philly….bench-brawls waiting to happen…

Mike Rizzo knows “bush league” since that’s as far as he got in his playing days. Easy to talk from the press box.

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