Schwimer: Diekman, Valdes and Luna Called Up

So it looks like the Phillies are making more than one change to the 25-man roster before Friday’s series opener aganist the Padres. The team announced Wednesday they had optioned left-hander Joe Savery to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. They said then they would make a corresponding move Friday.

But Triple-A right-hander Michael Schwimer announced on his Twitter account today that left-handers Jake Diekman and Raul Valdes and infielder Hector Luna are headed to Philadelphia. The Phillies have not made any official moves, and have not returned calls seeking confirmation. Right-hander Brian Sanches and catcher Erik Kratz are the most likely to be sent out. Laynce Nix also could be DL’s because of a strained left calf, which would keep Kratz around.


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They should bring up Fontenot rather than Luna, if thats the case. His versatility would make him much more valuable right now over Luna. Also, whats the time frame on Mini-Mart coming back?

Since we could all use a laugh at this point, here’s the latest injury report on Mini-Mart, provided by one ZooWithRoy. At this point, it’s about as good as any:

Time to see what the kids can do before deadline and the trades begin. Except for Doc, Ruiz and Pap everyone can be had for the right price

Kids? This is hardly a “youth movement” at work. More like grasping at straws. Luna is a 32-year old on his 5th team in 7 years. Valdés is a 34-year old on his 4th team in 3 years. Diekman has gotten a lot of minor leaguers out and looked good in spring training.
And at this point the Phils have more untradable players than tradable ones.

Kids as in AAA who are options for this year’s team as apposed to having to trade for these pieces at deadline.

We need a 3b for next year, and should assume utley will, once again, miss time. I’d play freddy every nite to see if he’s a real option or we need to aquire 2 infielders or just one.

Can we ever expect to see Aumont? When is that ever going to payoff?

Really excited about Luna coming up! Saw him at Spring Training and thought he should’ve been here a while ago!

Last night’s game was another jaw dropper. Almost as bad as Halladay giving up a 6 run lead. I couldn’t believe how horrible Kendrick was. I think these call ups are all the Phils can do at this point. They needed to do something. Who knows maybe it will have a positive affect.

How sad is it that we actually are getting excited about the call up of reserve infielders? LOL

Yes, and the illusion that they are “kids” because they came from the minor leagues. Journeymen is more like it.

It’s hard to believe that people are axcited about Hector Luna and Raul Valdes. Band-aids on a broken leg.

All’s I know is I’d rather see Luna come up to pitch hit than Thome. At least give the guy a shot. How much worse could he be? Man, this is a tough crowd.

It is a tough crowd, Mary. It’s tough because we expect excellence from a team that won 102 games last year. We expect what we pay dearly for, namely our tickets and the accompanying expenses of going to these games and watching them on cable TV. We’re not getting our money’s worth from the team’s standpoint (payroll) or ours.
We’re tough because we love.

Not a tough crowd, just pointing out bad things are currently that we are excited about seeing a minor leaguer get called up to be a bench player on a team of bench players with a $150m+ payroll.

Point taken…


Three shutout innings from the bullpen and Mayberry appears to be hitting his stride. Halladay and Hamels the next two days. Good times.

Perfect time for Charlie to hold an ass-chewing team meeting: Before 3 games with the worst team in the National League.

So,Junior’s answer is to rearrange the deck chairs?

If you told me that the Phillies could possibly lose 9 combined consecutive starts by Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, I would have to figure, no way! That would leave the Phillies in last place.
…oh…….never mind.

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