Blanton Keeps Winning

A quick turnaround today. The tarp is on the field, but the Phillies and Astros are going to try to play.

If the game is postponed, I’ll let you know via Twitter ASAP.


Joe Blanton allowed one run in seven innings in last night’s 5-1 victory over Houston. The Phillies have won three of his last four starts, and Blanton has not taken a loss since April 22. What is interesting about that is the Phillies have not won a game Roy Halladay has pitched since April 16 — a stretch of five consecutive starts — and they have not won a game Cliff Lee has pitched all season.

Of course, that is not entirely the fault of Halladay or Lee. The Phillies scored a combined three runs in Lee’s first three starts before the bullpen blew a lead Wednesday against the Mets. Halladay has a 4.59 ERA in his last five starts, but remove that brutal effort against Atlanta on May 2 and he has a 2.89 ERA in the other four.


Placido Polanco became the 268th player in baseball history to reach 2,000 hits. He is the 17th active player to have 2,000.


Freddy Galvis had three hits last night. Since he started his career 0-for-12, he is hitting .260 (25-for-96) with nine doubles, one triple, one home run and 15 RBIs. His 15 RBIs rank third on the team. Only Hunter Pence (23) and Carlos Ruiz (23) have more. And that’s more than Placido Polanco (eight) and Jimmy Rollins (six) have combined.


More and more teams are using the defensive shift, but as of last week the Phillies had employed the defense just once. Sam Perlozzo explains.


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Blanton was probably available for trade in the spring if they could have got somebody to take his contract. Thank goodness that didn’t happen.

Congratulations to Jake Diekman on his first big league win! Although it shouldn’t have happened as Qualls and Pence conspired to keep Cliff Lee out of the win column. Kid has nasty stuff. If he develops a breaking ball he’ll be unhittable.

don’t think he needs a breaking ball as a reviever. He has heat, sinker/slider and a change. He’s the new set up guy. Diek to Pap. Now if our OF would learn how to catch and throw we’d be in business

No, he does not have a sinker/slider which, in fact, would be considered a breaking ball. He throws that frisbee fastball and a change. At least, that’s what he threw yesterday. He’s going to eventualy need another pitch but, right now, LH batters have no shot to catch up to his fastball because of all that movement and the changeup is killer. Once scouts get more of a look at him, they’ll note that the fastball isn’t always a strike and hitters wiil be advised to lay off until he throws it more consistently for a strike.
I don’t think he’s earned the setup role just yet, not after 21 pitches (that should be Bastardo), but he’s definitely earned a spot in the bullpen. The next time I see Qualls will be too soon.

Didn’t you hear that Qualls figured out what he was doing wrong three outings ago and he has fixed the problem, or so he says ;-(…

Blanton looks like he’s returning to the guy who helped the Phils win the WSC in ’08. This is great to see. Especially without Chase or Ryan in the line-up and with the worst pen in MLB, the Phils will need all their starters to go DEEP into the games.

So of course, the Redsox then showed the world why Blanton couldn’t even last a month in the AL East….

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