Manuel Suspended, Davidson Suspended

Major League Baseball suspended Charlie Manuel one game for his involvement in Tuesday’s “on-field incident” in the eighth inning at Citizens Bank Park. He will serve that suspension tonight against the Red Sox.

But MLB also suspended umpire Bob Davidson one game for “his repeated violations of the Office of the Commissioner’s standards for situation handling.”

Guess that means Davidson did not handle that situation and others very well.

I imagine Manuel got suspended because the brim of his cap appeared to graze Davidson’s forehead. Or maybe it was just what he said. But it seemed more than fair that Davidson got dinged, too. Clearly, the Phillies bench thought Davidson interferred with Brian Schneider on the play, but Davidson escalated the situation immediately. You can hear him yelling back at the Phillies dugout on the replay.

Manuel hasn’t said anything about the incident, but it’s interesting that while he was saying something to Davidson from the dugout he didn’t seem to be overly heated. He was just kind of sitting there talking to him. But once Davidson tossed him Manuel charged out of the dugout.

You can see some expletives exhanged at that point, especially from Davidson.


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Good for MLB! About time umpires were called to task!

Davidson provoked it. Manuel should not have been suspended. These umpires need to be held accountable for provoking fights with their arrogant infallible demeanor. It’s about the game… not satisfying the ump’s ego. An umpire should control the game but not be a part of it.

Wow. Disciplinary action against an umpire. I should mrk this on my calendar.

Wow. That was one of the most unprofessional displays I’ve ever seen by an umpire.

Often, umpires encourage confrontation by chasing players back to the dugout or enticing them. MLB needs to take control of this. I don’t think this action against Davidson is the start of anything, but it’s nice to see.

Can’t help but notice Charlie’s had a few too many cheesefries. Lasorda would be proud.

Whatever…having seen Charlie in person, he ain’t no little man, he is a big tall dude. I’m a big guy…I’d think twice before messing with Charlie!

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