Where’s Chooch?

Something interesting happened today that you might have missed.

Carlos Ruiz is no longer among baseball’s leaders in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage and OPS. Ruiz did not start this week against the Mets because of a strained right hamstring, so he fell out of qualifying status for those categories. To qualify, a hitter needs to average 3.1 plate appearances per team game. The Phillies have played 52 games. So doing a little math …

52 x 3.1 = 161.2

Ruiz has 161 plate appearances.

So Ruiz fell out of the rankings by just .2 plate appearance.

It shows how difficult it can be for catchers to finish the season among the league leaders. It’s a grueling position. Hitters need 502 plate appearances at the end of the season to qualify for those categories. Ruiz has never had more than 472 in a season. I expect Ruiz back among the leaders as early as tomorrow, when he is expected to start against the Marlins at Citizens Bank Park. For what it’s worth, if Ruiz had 162 plate appearances, which would make him a qualifier, he would rank third in the majors in batting (.371), fifth in on-base percentage (.422), sixth in slugging percentage (.615) and fourth in OPS (1.038). In the National League he would rank second, fourth, second and second, respectively.

Courtesy of Zoo With Roy.


Looking for a Father’s Day Gift? Jim Salisbury and I are signing copies of The Rotation this Saturday from 3-4 p.m. on the Main Concourse at Citizens Bank Park.


i thought i had heard (a long time ago) that if a player leading the league in batting average without enough plate appearances were to go 0 for the amount he was missing to get to that number, he would be awarded the batting title. think this was in reference to a season where andres galarraga was leading the league in batting average but looked as if he wouldn’t get to the number. can anyone confirm or disconfirm?

I hope the Phillies have changed their approach to promoting All Stars for this home stand.
Last Wednesday, I saw a scoreboard promo asking us to vote for Chase Utley, Placido Polanco and Hunter Pence. No mention of Ruiz. Seriously, Utley? Who is in charge of making these videos?
It’s a disgrace that Chooch wasn’t included.

I could be wrong, but I think MLB puts these ads and the ballots together before the season starts. That would explain both the scoreboard promo and the fact that both Utley and Howard are on the ballot even though neither has played a single game. Still, you would think they’d revise stuff after the fact. But that would: A. Make sense; and B. Cost money. And we know MLB has no interest in either ;o)

If player X has 490 ABs and is hitting .380 (for example) and if by going o for 12 his AVE would still be higher then the next highest player, I think they give it to him. However, in Ruiz’s case, with the most ABs he’s ever had at 472, he’d need a huge lead to still have a better ave then #2 after including a 0 for 30

Carlos has always looked like he knows what he is doing for each at-bat. Maybe his team mates know as well but it sure doesn’t look like it.

Isn’t Juan Pierre (who is also kicking ass!) in the same position with this? He has a ridiculous BA, but not enough at-bats. It’s a shame!

Chooch has gotten better at the plate year after year. He is our MVP and without his hitting being where it is now, I think the Phils would be way below .500 by now.

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