Utley, Howard, Halladay and More

Ruben Amaro Jr. took a seat in the Phillies dugout before tonight’s game against the Dodgers to offer updates on the nine players on the disabled list.

That’s nine, folks.

Here we go:

Chase Utley (chondromalacia left knee). He did not play in an extended Spring Training game Tuesday in Clearwater, Fla., but he will play Wednesday as a designated hitter. There are no extended Spring Training games again until June 12, so in the meantime Utley will participate in simulated games and continue his regular workouts. Amaro said it is unlikely Utley begins an official rehab assignment until he plays in that second round of extended Spring Training games June 12-14. “Generally, Chase, when he’s ready to go he’ll let us know,” Amaro said. “Just like he did on Sunday.” Amaro would not say if Utley could be back before the All-Star break, but if Utley begins a rehab assignment June 15 he would have 20 days to get himself ready to rejoin the team. That would put him at July 5.

Ryan Howard (left Achilles surgery). He will hit in Wednesday’s extended Spring Training game, but he will not run or play in the field. Amaro said Howard has been jogging and doing some light sprinting, but said, “His calf just isn’t strong enough to really do full-out sprint work. I don’t know what the percentage is, 50 percent, 40 percent 60 percent, I really don’t know.”

Roy Halladay (strained right latissimus dorsi). Everybody has been awaiting the second opinion from Mets physician David Altchek, but Amaro said, “There’s not going to really be much difference in the prognosis.” The Phillies sent Altcheck results from previous MRIs on Friday and they just arrived in New York on Tuesday morning. Amaro said Halladay has started some shoulder exercises and other upper body work. “He’s doing pretty well,” Amaro said. “This morning’s report was he was symptom free and doing some of the exercises, so that’s a good sign.” Halladay could begin throwing again at the three week mark.

Jim Thome (lower back strain). He could rejoin the team in time for this weekend’s interleague series in Baltimore. It sounds like Thome will only DH and pinch-hit upon his return to the big leagues, which could be an issue. But playing in the field certainly seems out of the question. Can Thome be effective as a full-time pinch-hitter after these nine interleague road games? “I don’t know,” Amaro said. “That’s a good question. We’ll find out.”

Laynce Nix (strained left calf). He will head to Clearwater following Thursday’s game to pick up his rehab. “He’s been progressing pretty good, too,” Amaro said.

Mike Stutes (right shoulder inflammation) and David Herndon (right elbow inflammation). Amaro said they are progressing slowly.

Justin De Fratus (strained right elbow). He is throwing from 75 feet. “Hopefully we can get him going in the next couple weeks,” Amaro said.

Jose Contreras (strained right elbow). No surgery has been scheduled yet.


Can we get a $ total on this list?


And $105,000,000 owed to Howard through 2017 (With the buyout). How’s that deal smell now?

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Just an observation. D. Brown has been raking in LV and has been playing a lot of CF. They need to change the chemistry and I can see them trading Vic for bullpen help because he’s not getting re-signed anyway. Who knows what will happen, but something has to change. Charlie could be in trouble as well. He botched that 8th inning last night badly.

Matched only by Mattingley’s ridiculous game management in the 8th inning. He’s lucky a career minor leaguer pulled his ass out of the fire…and that Pierre gave the Phils the same defense he’d given the Dodgers a few years ago.

You’re ridiculous. The bunt was the right play and Pence just made a perfect throw. Mattingly just had to watch Charlie give it up by, first, leaving Pierre in the game and, second, leaving Lee in while it was obvious he lost his stuff. You could have hit some of those pitches, let alone a career minor leaguer.

Victorino should have been gone before this season, regardless of what Brown does, to get top value. Junior does not know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. In short, he is a dunce.

The biggest issue I have with Amaro is that he has talked about the having the team “get younger” but has done nothing to accomplish that. In part, because he’s stuck with long-term deals for aging players, but also because he was unwilling to let other players go and take a chance on youth.
He signed Pierre, Thome, Nix and Wigginton and brought-in Willis. In that group, he’s 1 for 5.
It works for other teams. They can’t continue to bury guys in the minors while their ML club nurses injuries and struggles.

This has been the most frustrating season so far in a long time. The team seems to be lacking the passion and drive that it once had. I’m sure it’s in part for many who are trying to compensate for players on the DL and are trying too hard. I keep hoping something gives in the positive direction soon.

phan, you’re ridiculous. No one can predict the future, but Lee had struck out TWELVE Dodgers in seven innings, and you are going to give up an out when the runner is already in scoring position? Glad you don’t manage my team.

Hindsight is a wonderful analytical tool, kahliforni. You’re never wrong using it.

kahli, Lee was already well over 100 pitches. He wasn’t going ot be long for that game and the Dodgers had to figure out a way to prolong it by getting the tying run. It’s easy to say it was a bad move now because Lee and Polanco made a stellar play on the bunt, but it was the right baseball move at the time. Baseball 101, as it were, but I wouldn’t expect casual frontrunning fans to understand that.
And then Charlie made it easier for the Dodgers by leaving a shot pitcher in the game for a AAA wannabe to make his mark. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way.

You are one condescending human being. I hated the bunt before events ever played out. Casual front-running fan? Go on my way? Spare me your genius. You’ve been a saddle sore for years and nothing has changed.

It certainly is a no-lose proposition…

Is Victorino’s dominant eye his left one? I think he should give up on switch-hitting and just bat right-handed.

Can’t handle the truth, eh kahli? Well, troll away. That’s what you do and I couldn’t care less.

The Thome thing…. If I have to have a left hand pinch hitter who can’t play the field on my roster, there’s always that guy with the bad knees. What do you think?

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