Halladay Finally Speaks

Roy Halladay addressed reporters for the first time since he landed on the DL with a strained right latissimus dorsi. The Phillies said Halladay’s baseline MRI, which he took before the Blue Jays traded him here in Dec. 2009, and the MRI he took recently, showed minimal change in Halladay’s rotator cuff. Mets physician David Altchek, who offered a second opinion, concurred.

Halladay’s timetable to return remains the same: six-to-eight weeks.

Here is some of what he said:

Q: You have a vesting option for 2014 based on innings pitched, which you probably won’t meet now. Are you concerned about it? Have you talked to the agent or the Phillies about your future here?
A: It’s a year and a half away. Ultimately, my goal is to finish my career with the Phillies and win a World Series here. Some of those things are not fully in my control, but my intent is to play here and finish my career here and be here as long as I can. I don’t know what’s going to happen over the next year and a half, but I know from my side I’m going to make an effort to be here as long as I can and finish here. I don’t want to go anywhere else.

Q: Whenever you come back can you be the guy that still throws 120, 130 pitches in a start, and throws several complete games every season? Or do you have to be more careful?
A: As far as a lot of pitches and stuff, I’ve always felt like the games that I pitch deeper in, the complete games and stuff, I feel like I’m more efficient in those games. Usually when I hit 125 or 130, I’m kind of scuffling through 7 or 8 innings. I still feel like I’m going to be able to do that. And I feel like, it’s going to be important to monitor the throwing. And that was kind of the tough part for me through this process. I felt like I had adjustments that needed to be made, but at the same time we went through a stretch of 7 or 8 starts on five days rest. I was delicate of how much I could throw in between and work on what I needed to do and how much I needed to rest, but I think that’s going to be important going forward, monitoring those in between days with the training staff and stuff. It’s been very good the first two years here. I don’t see any difference in that.

Q: Your velocity is down. Is that because of the injury or because you’re just getting older?
A: Honestly, I try not to pay attention to it. I think at times it was pretty similar. At times there was probably a few miles per hour difference. I think that it’s probably a lot of things. I’ve seen a lot of guys gain velocity as they got older. I’m aware of that. I’m aware that the older you get you’re going to have to be a little better at spotting the ball and changing speeds. I think that’s part of the aging process. I felt at times it was good. I felt at other times it wasn’t as good. I’ve felt like it’s still there. I can tell when it doesn’t feel like it’s coming out the right way. There were plenty of times this year when it felt like it was. There were also other times I felt like everything I Had it just wasn’t coming out the way it should. I feel like it’s there. It’s such a matter of timing and all that. I don’t feel like I’m going to be throwing 98 in a couple years. I understand that. I understand it’s a gradual process and you’re probably going to lose a little bit here and there. But as much as I can maintain or stat at an even level I’m going to try and do that.


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The good news is that if Doc stays on track the Phillies will have him back in the original time reported.

Giants drafted a local PA native in the 29th round. Third baseman with a great arm and a little bit of pop. We’re gonna need as a third baseman. Zolecki get Amaro on that.

Yeah, you know what a sure thing those 29th round draft picks are.

Kyle Lohse. Drafted in the 29th round. I think he might have just gotten a world series ring or something.

Wow, one out of 50. Pretty good odds.

What round were you drafted in muleman?

Frillies have to rely on Kyle Kendrick to pull them out of a 4 game slide. Ouch.

Reblogged this on The Phanatic Addict and commented:
Saying he wants to end his career here… Pretty nice to hear.

So glad that Doc wants to finish his great career here with the Phillies. He is a class act all the way and glad that he is on our team. Take your time with the rehab and I know when you get back you will give us a 100% or more effort. Doc you are the best!

Phillies ought to just forget about Halladay after 2013 and at least factor in the savings for 2014 into the Hamels resigning formula. Hamels is only 28 now and will be only as old as Halladay is now at the end of a seven years contract.

I see your point, and they have to re-sign Hamels for the long term. But I think Halladay is going to be a solid Ace-type pitcher for 4-5 more years. They need them both.

You were right I was wrong concerning Halladay’s contract a few articles back. Regardless, can the Phillies afford Halladay, Hamels, Lee and Howard, almost if not more than $100 million on only four players? The Phillies caught lightening in a bottle with Victorino and Werth. Junior failed to parlay the winning bet on Werth and is now not going to parlay parlay the proceeds from the winning bet on Victorino. His handling of Halladay is going to give him the anti-trifecta.

The Phillies can afford anybody they want. They will most probably have to go over the luxury tax threshold next season but, after that, the threshold goes up and they will also be able to make a mega-TV deal in the next few years when the Comcast contract runs out. The parking lot in South Philly is paved in gold.

If only it were true about that parking lot. I have read recently that the Phillies are going to start their own network a la the Yankmees and Redsuxs. What have you heard about this?

That network might be like Vs. or Court TV. Whoops. Who wants to watch a team lose 100 games. The Frillies are headed back where they came from. Perennial cellar dwellers. That team is a mess. Everyone and their dog is on the DL, What would you say your strong suit was, pitching or hitting? Maybe none of the above? This is a team in a death spiral.

The money is going to be there regardless. Even the Padres have a lucrative TV deal, if you can believe that. The Phillies have the choice of holding up Comcast for a ridiculous windfall or to start their own TV gig. It would probably have a rocky start (like YES had with the cable companies in NY) because Comcast would make their life difficult to get widespread coverage but, either way, they wiill have a ridiculous amount of money to play with. Their market is from the Poconos to the Jersey shore, covering 6-8 million people. Do the math.

Fans don’t like losing teams. What seems so great right now for the Phillies may not be so great a year from now. Once the fans stop buying tickets the cash cow is out to pasture and we turn into what Baltimore has been for the past 5-7 years. Empty seats and empty dreams, tell me the dream team isn’t over……

It’s so nice to know that nothing has been going on with the team for the past 2 days. No injuries, series sweeps … At least that’s what we assume if we’re depending on this blog for information.

Nothing going on with this team is good news.

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