Galvis Could Have Back Fracture

The Phillies got bad news today on Freddy Galvis.

Tests revealed Galvis, who the Phillies placed on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday, might have a pars fracture in his back. He will get a second opinion next week, but if the initial prognosis is confirmed the Phillies said Galvis could miss a considerable amount of time.

“It’s serious,” Phillies assistant general manager Scott Proefrock said. “From what I understand, it’s a minimum of at least six weeks in a brace.”

Galvis might have injured the back on a swing Wednesday or an acrobatic catch during the same game. But Proefrock also said Galvis might have suffered a back injury during Winter Ball, which might have been a factor in the injury.


Boy Weinus wain was kind enough to come over to Bravesville and point out Frillies history. I didn’t realize that you guys had only won 2 WS in 127 yrs and It took 97 yrs to win the 1st one. Ouch.

You must be zippy. And that makes you an idiot, by your own admission. Thanks for the visit.

Changing your name on the board doesn’t make you any less of an idiot, billreef.
BTW, I believe there are more Phillies phans in Baltimore this weekend than there are Braves fans in, well, anywhere.

Seems as if fans are staying away from Braves games in droves.

I’ll be praying for you FREDDY! Do whatever you have to do in order to get back to the team. We’ll be looking forward to your return!

After seeing Fontenot help the O’s win today, I think with Freddy gone and only the possibility of a gimpy Chase playing secondbase “some time” this season, I think the Phils have a great chance to be 10 games under .500 before Ryan can get his bat going again. If that happens the season will be over :o(…..

You are a fucking idiot for not knowing that. 14 consecutive years the Braves won the division. How many World Series did they win. One. So shut the fuck up.

Guess the little boys are a little sensitive over here after losing in 12 to who?, THE ORIOLES???? talk about losing to the losers. you guys are like 4 back of the muts and the fish. that has to hurt.

Every time I think it can’t get any worse, it gets worse.

Muleman: I couldn’t agree more. The fielding errors are making things even worse. I know Glavis wasn’t a big bat in the line up but his defense over these last few games is sorely missed.

Karen: Guys like Wigginton are utility players who aren’t particularly good at any one position. He was brutally exposed at third base yesterday. Polanco would make at least one of those plays, maybe both.
Galvis saved more runs with his glove than he could ever drive in with his bat. On good teams, the second baseman doesn’t have to have 80 RBI. On this team, it’s a glaring hole.
When you look at the lineup they’re running out there, it’s no wonder they are in last place.
They’d have to play .615 ball and the teams in front of them (all 3 of them) would have to play .500 for them to win the division at this stage. Does anyone think this team is capable of winning 62% of their remaining games?

I’m just glad that this year I am exceptionally busy and have virtually NO TIME for anything, especially watching a whole game. I barely have time to see the Phils LOWlights and posts here. I should have more time after 4th of July week. It must be brutal watching these games. Hopefully, by then, the Cavalry will be on its way…………..

Freddy’s been damn near the ONLY bright spot this year. That’s unbelievably bad news. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. Hope he has a speedy recovery. He seems like not only a great athlete but a great kid as well…

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