Fake Tough

Photo courtesy of @JSalisburyCSN

Have fun.

The Phillies have tried to beat that mantra into their brains during their recent struggles. Have fun. Have fun. Have fun. On Tuesday they showed they still know how to laugh a little bit when several teammates sported red t-shirts with the Liberty Bell and “Fake Tough” printed on the front.

“Fake tough” should sound familiar to Phillies fans because Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo called Cole Hamels “fake tough” after Hamels said he intentionally hit Bryce Harper with a pitch last month in Washington. Hunter Pence apparently purchased/spearheaded/organized/fronted the t-shirts efforts and Hamels donned one, although he had no plans to talk about it today.

“I’m not commenting on that,” Hamels said with a smile. “I’m just wearing it because I’m trying to be a good teammate. That’s it.”

For what it’s worth, I like ’em.


Really? What a bunch of dopes.

This is a strange bunch. They’re 2-8 in their last 10 games and they pick NOW to roll-out a theme t-shirt. Maybe win some games first, then tell us how tough you are.

I guess they thought between the high socks look and the t-shirts it might give them some mojo or energy. Obviously neither worked. It’s amazing how fast they have fallen from grace since last year.

Maybe Karen, but if you’re a Major League baseball player and you need high socks and witty t-shirts to get motivated, I’d wonder about their committment to their sport.
A quick glance at the standings should be all they need to get motivated.

A month late and 9.5 games short………..sigh.

Muleman: Agree, but sometimes something a bit silly/small can generate a bit of motivation. You would hope it would at least help with morale.

they should stuff a few of those shirts and PLAY them!!! Might get a few walks and maybe have a ball hit them in the field.

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