Enjoy the Show

I wish I had saved the best tweets and e-mails from the folks who just knew Jim Thome couldn’t play anymore.

I mean, they told me with absolute certainty Thome couldn’t hit a baseball.

I’m not saying I knew Thome would produce like he has this past week (I certainly didn’t), but I knew Thome needed a shot to play every day before I could draw any conclusions. Thome is hitting .476 (10-for-21) with two doubles, two home runs, 10 RBIs, two walks, four runs scored and a 1.399 OPS in five games as the team’s designated hitter. He will have another four games to be the team’s DH before the Phillies get back into their National League schedule.

So what happens after that?

Well, we can guess it will be a struggle. He went 2-for-20 with 11 strikeouts before he went on the DL. But maybe these nine games will keep him sharp for a while. Or maybe he figures out how to make the adjustment to a full-time pinch-hitting role.

Nobody knows.

So this time, just let it play out. (And avoid those absolute declarations.)

“I think we’re focusing on the right now,” Thome said. “I think sooner or later I’ll sit down with Charlie and see where we’re at. I think I’ve been pretty honest and open with that. We’ll see.”

In the meantime, enjoy the bomb he hit over the batter’s eye last night. I watched BP for a few minutes behind that batter’s eye Tuesday. Unbelievable anybody can hit a baseball that far.


Maybe this opens a few AL teams eyes for a trade for some form of RH bullpen help? He can still hit, but if he is unable to adjust to a PH role, he is wasting his time and a roster spot for us. Love the guy, but reality is a…..

It’s amazing. Right now, he’s the best hitter in MLB. I guess he could try to play some first base again, but isn’t that how he hurt his back in the first place?

Makes a case for the DH in the Nat. League doesn’t it? He’s been a treat to watch. Amazing how his HR are truly “bombs”.

Go wash your mouth out with soap, Karen!!!🙂 LOL
A DH in the NL?……NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I seriously would stop watching baseball.

Thome to Cleveland for RH relief pitcher Joe Smith. Cleveland is in the hunt for the AL Central but is 26th in slugging percentage. Smith is the Indians’ third best reliever, six years in the majors with E.R.A.s ranging from 2.01 to 3.83.

In the post-game show, Misennelli suggested trading Jim for some bullpen help. The other guy said we needed him as a leader. I agree! I understand the business end of baseball. And YES, we need bullpen help. But never underestimate the importance of leadership. No matter how the *leader* is playing. Take Chase Utley, for example. As poorly as he played, last season, the Phillies were a different team, once he came back from the DL.

You can’t lead from the bench, Norma. And if Jim tries to play a lot of 1B, he won”t be able to lead fron the DL either.
A trade is the better option, IMO.

Leading us where? Not being a smartass, but Thome is not going to help this team after the Blue Jays series. He can complete his farewell tour by going back to Cleveland and try to help them while helping us, too. A win-win-win situation!

SteveJeltz: I was kinda kidding about the DH in the NL.

As much as I hated the DH when it was instituted, now that we have inter-league play, it’s necessary that both leagues play by the same rules. Bud Selig has been leading baseball down the wrong path for his entire tenure, and next season’s re-alignment will be another step in his process.
We’re never going back to the old NL style, so it’s time for the league to step up and get both sides on the same page.

I kinda know! LOL

Muleman, yhou’re right. Thats why the AL needs to dump this insane idea of a DH. why don’t we have a DR (designated Runner) for old fat 1st basemen, or a DF (designated fielder) for all; hit no field outfielders? YOu want to be a baseball player, you need to hit and play the field

I thought I said “We’re never going back to the old NL style.” The players’ union will never allow a return to pitchers batting, so there isn’t any choice but to have both leagues to adopt the DH.

If you are an NL team and you have a DH(Thome) on your roster, you really are clueless.

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