Pinch Me …

Carlos Ruiz emerged from a back room in the Phillies clubhouse late tonight with a smile on his face.

He came to a stop and leaned against the red countertop in the middle of the room, where a reporter informed him that he is “leading the world” in hitting after going 3-for-4 with a home run and two RBIs in tonight’s 5-4 victory over the Pirates at Citizens Bank Park. Ruiz is hitting .361, which leads the big leagues.

“Come on,” Ruiz said in disbelief.

“Yeah, you’re leading the world.”

“Let me see,” Ruiz said, trying to sneak a glance at the reporter’s notebook.

“You are. Trust me.”

Ruiz chuckled.

The reporter repeated that Ruiz is leading the big leagues in batting. He asked Ruiz if he pinches himself. Ruiz thought about it, pinched his left arm and smiled.

“That’s me,” he joked.

Ruiz is a distant third in All-Star voting for National League catchers, but he should earn his first trip to the All-Star Game. He left the ballpark Tuesday first in the league in batting average (.361), second in OPS (1.006), third in on-base percentage (.427) and fifth in slugging percentage (.579).

He singled to score Hunter Pence from third in the first inning to hand the Phillies a 1-0 lead. He singled and scored on Ty Wigginton’s two-run homer in the third to take a 4-1 lead. He then homered in the eighth inning on a 0-2 pitch from Juan Cruz to make it 5-3.

It was Ruiz’s 10th homer of the season, which is a career high.


“When you feel good at home plate you can find out the way they’re going to pitch to you,” Ruiz said. “I feel great and that’s a big thing.”


From Elias Sports Bureau: Ruiz went 3-for-4 with two hits on 0-2 pitches, including a home run. Ruiz had been 1-for-19 on 0-2 pitches this season. He hadn’t had two 0-2 hits in one game since May 31, 2011 and he hadn’t hit an 0-2 homer since last April 9.


Cooch is just the best! Truely deserves to be an All Star this year.

Lisa, I agree with you, though I assume you meant “Chooch.”

Chooch is amazing! I know our team is not having a good season, but Chooch is the one bright spot and our fans should be voting!! C’mon people, VOTE FOR CHOOCH!!!!!!!!

Anyone who doesn’t vote for Chooch for the All Star Game should be banned from Citizens Bank Park for life!

Every time I watch Chooch bat I go crazy. Even when he just hits a run-of-the-mill single I’m in disbelief that this guy is hitting as much as he is–he just isn’t cooling off! And then, of course, he makes everything happen behind the plate… he’s ridiculous.

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