Qualls: Losing Was Getting to Everybody

Chad Qualls joined the Yankees today.

He is a lucky guy. He went from last in the National League East to first in the American League East, and from nine games under .500 to 18 games over .500 in a blink of an eye.

Qualls told reporters, including MLB.com’s Adam Berry, about the situation in Philadelphia.

“Obviously it’s an organization that wants to win,” he said. “They were hit by a lot of injuries, and they didn’t want to try to use that as an excuse, but I think the losing was getting to everybody. It just kept getting tougher and tougher over there. I wish them the best. No ill will or anything like that. I’m just glad I can move on to a better situation.”

I think it’s pretty clear everybody in the organization is frustrated. Injuries have hurt the team (Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay, Vance WorleyJose Contreras, Mike Stutes, David Herndon, etc.). Other players have not played to their career averages (Cliff Lee, Jimmy RollinsShane Victorino, etc.). The team is showing no signs of life while sinking fast in the standings. It’s not a fun place to be right now.


I hope a better situation rights his ship. He was a strong reliever having a really bad year.

Interesting to hear Qualls talk about it as though he had nothing to do with “the losing.” Have fun in your better situation, buddy.

Wasn’t he personally responsible for a number of those losses?

Yes, Chad is talking like he was not part of the problem. Funny, that Jimmy Rollins would say that there is no I in team. Ironically, there is no I in Chad Qualls.

Pretty sure if it weren’t for him, they would’ve won about ten more games, putting them at the .500 mark. Go on ahead to New York, but the only reason you’ll be successful is not because of good pitching, but because of a bigger ball park.

Best of luck to Mr. Qualls… just wasn’t a good fit in Philly this year… fans (and we are philly fans= all that that entails) were merciless about his less than stellar late-inning appearances in MUST perform situations (i.e., chronic sense of impending doom– like a re-occurring charlie brown nightmare of endless missed punts –only it was opposing team hits)… tho being a “yankee” and considering that “lucky” is a bit of a stretch for even this philly fan *grin*.

I don’t know if he’s gonna be successful there. It may be a bigger ballpark in leftcenter, but *I* could hit it over that RF wall. I could probably do it in a game if qualls was pitching

Good luck to the Yankees for getting Qualls! As they say, there’s one born every minute!

Qualls used the word “they” and other past tense phrasing because he is not a Phillie anymore which is proper. I don’t see it as him escaping blame for his poor performance. Bad signing by us and we were able to unload him. Case closed. Sad part is I believe everything he said. I keep going back to the Lee/Victorina incident in the dugout a while back….surprised if we don’t see some more of that in the near future.

We can blame management all we want, when supposed “star” players don’t perform, you lose. I feel bad for Charlie having to march out a AAA lineup nightly and have a bullpen made up of rookies trying to compete against teams that have been loading up to beat you. While Amaro has made some questionable decisions, the truth is there is no quick fix. We went for broke and ended up there. Victorino brings you nothing better in trade than current Victorino. Lee brings you prospects and probably have to eat some contract money. Hamels brings you prospects. Pence brings you nothing better than current Pence. That is reality.

Those calling for trades to improve the team THIS YEAR need to understand that this current roster is old and used and is not worth nearly as much as we like to think it does to other teams. Any trades made now are for the future (2-3 years down the pike). Those saying when Howard gets back, etc. Look at how much Utley’s return has helped so far. I am sure we will suck less, but we are not turning this ship around and plowing into the playoffs….sorry I have seen nothing to suggest that possibility this season.

“Look at how much Utley’s return has helped so far.” Zero wins, six losses. What planet do you live on?

Wow! I officially hate this jerkoff now! He was the ultimate rally killer. How many of those damn losses that he’s being so smug about were HIS FAULT????! He belongs with the Evil Empire.

New Yankee Stadium is actually a more home-run friendly ballpark than CBP. Balls are flying out of that place.

The injury excuse doesn’t quite wash. The Nats had arguably just as many severe injuries to top players — including Werth. (who was off to a great start this year) Biggest difference between Nat & Phils this year, alas, — management. One knew how to juggle and adjust — how to get the team off the Ledge. The other, well, it’s time to bring up Ryne Sandberg. (If you want to diss the current Phils as a AAA team, Sandberg sure knows how to get the most from what he’s been handed!)

I cannot believe how a loser like Qualls lands on his feet and come out smelling like a rose.

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