Lee Wins; Amaro and Hamels Meet

Who’s the big winner?

Cliff Lee! Cliff wins!

Lee downplayed his first win of the season this afternoon, but it was a big deal. So big Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels dumped Gatorade over Lee’s head to celebrate.

Read the story here.


Hamels and Ruben Amaro Jr. met privately after Tuesday’s game. Amaro and Hamels kept quiet about it, but I’d bet my life Hamels’ potential contract extension and the trade speculation surrounding him came up.


As we near the All-Star break I believe posters here should vote on the ZoZone All-Star post of the season thus far. I nominate and vote for Freddy’s Agent who posted on July 2 thusly: This is the tomorrow that Ruin Tomorrow, Jr. has ruined.

pherris, I vote for Steve Deutser, who thinks we should do it like the Cubs, one of the few teams in the NL with a worse record than the Phillies.

where and when did he post?

@Phan52. The Cubs under Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer are doing exactly what the Phil’s should be doing: shedding big contracts, trading for prospects, (FYI: they have signed 7 Cuban players) & will be a solid contender no later than 2014.

Theo Epstein is the most overrated person in MLB and the Cubs suck. Look up the definition of “prospect” and get back to me. If you think the Phillies are better off by trading players like Hamels and Lee for prospects, I suggest you look at the trades the Phillies made when they got Halladay, Lee and Oswalt and tell me how many of those players they traded away are making an impact. Potential has got many a GM fired.

pherris: He posted under the “Halladay Getting Closer” topic. Here’s the post:

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So what? Rebuild with new GM. Trade only for prospects or fill-in players & don’t sign any big contracts. Look at what the Cubs are doing.
By Steve Deutser on July 3, 2012 9:21 pm – Reply

I nominate all of Zippys posts……..

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