Manuel: I’m A Winner

Ruben Amaro Jr. said last week that Charlie Manuel has done a “fantastic job” as Phillies manager.

He said he should not even have to answer questions about Manuel’s job status.

“We haven’t played well,” Amaro said.

But with the Phillies taking a 37-50 record into the All-Star break, the heat is being turned up on everybody. So it was no surprise Manuel was asked Sunday at Citizens Bank Park if he is concerned he might take the fall for the team’s fast fall.

“How concerned am I? I’ve got a lot of confidence in myself,” said Manuel, whose contract runs through next season. “And I am a fighter. And not only that, I think I’m a winner.”

Manuel then presented the places he has won as a player and manager, both in the big leagues, minor leagues and Japan.

“I’ve been a winner ever since I’ve been in the game,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of confidence. I’ll do my job as hard as possibly can, and as hard as I possibly can and that’s all I can do. The rest is out of my control.”


“Fantastic job?” That’s an over-statement. What else is “out of my control?” Is he indicting his players? If so, then every manager who has ever failed could do the same thing.
What’s left but to fill-out the lineup card and stand around and pull pitchers once they get to 100 pitches and throw lefty/righty combinations? If that’s being a manager, then the job is over-rated too.

The job is over rated, the same as the GM job. The thought occurred to me the other day that perhaps the players, on some level, are tired of Charlie as well. Hence, there recent performance.

Said the same words in Cleveland. Won 90 games in 2000, 91 games in 2001, and 39-47 at all star break in 2002. Dismissed because players stopped playing for him. Sound familiar? Need Sandberg managing this team. NOW!!!

What is overated is the generalization that Phillies fans are knowledgeable. There is certainly a large group that befits that description but there is a whole other group like “muleman” that just doesnt have a clue and had no problem proving it. Anyone blaming this on Charlie had never played and has never been in a management position to understand what it takes to get a group of people to all pull in the same direction. This year so far has cracks everywhere. People seem to forget this same team won 102 games just one year ago. I am sick and tired of the Charlie bashers. Unfortunately we really wont know what we have until the core group gets some time to ramp up and, unfortunately we really dont have the time. But to move Charlie now will end the season. Any Jim Leyland supporters still out there?

No clue? Who’s to say you have a clue, Dennis? What about Charlie’s job this year has been “Fantastic?” I don’t see any explanation from you.
I’m not bashing Charlie as much as I’m bashing managing in general. Read my comment and you’ll see. Managers have been fired for far less.

Ruben was not specific to this year. Five division titles, 2 world series, 1 world championship. I would call that fantastic. There are many things affecting this year that were out of his control. As a phan i am sure you can recount them all. I doubt any manager ever could be “fantastic” under these circumstances. I know its easy to pick on Charlie or “management”. Its actually become a favorite past time of sports joke radio but it really doesnt hold water if you honestly assess the situation.

No one has been to the far reaches of outer space either but they figured out how it works. And, baseball comes no where near rocket science. WTF does having managed or having played to do with insight? 102 games last year you say. Baseball is probably the only endeavor in the world where doing well in a checker tournament (the regular season) qualifies one for the chess match (the post season). We all have learned that Charlie is not good at chess. Now he is merely proving that he is not good at checkers either. And, you know that moving Charlie now would end the season how?

You’re a hoot! I love it when people argue from emotion rather than facts. Unknowingly you made my point. In your analogy you say talk about space and beyond. I am going to assume those that figured it out and, whose assumptions are of any value are experts not knuckleheads on blogs. Therefore you ask what does playing and management experience have to do with “insight” and I ask, what does years of studying the science of the universe have to do with developing an assumption of what goes on “beyond”. I am going to assume you have never managed a group of people (not to mention professional athletes) where your success was based on getting all of them to conform to your vision. I can tell you not to swing at the first pitch and even yell at you not to swing at the first pitch and even bench you if you swing at the first pitch but ultimately a mutli million dollar athlete will do what they want (in any sport). This year has plenty of blame to go around and Charlie is certainly not totally immune but, to say throwing him out will in any way fix the problem is as closed minded and reactionary as it gets. If we have any hope of achieving any level of respectability this year it has to be with Charlie. Bringing Sandberg up right now signals to the entire team that ownership has thrown in the towel. Not to mention, Ryan has no big league management experience and you’re going to hand him this mess. He would have no shot and could ruin any chance he has of ever taking over this club. If in fact you feel (as I assume you do based on what I have read) the season is over then let Charlie go down with the ship. With everyone coming back we’ll see what he’s made of.

I think Charlie’s overall record should be taken into account, but often times it’s the manager who takes the fall. The pitching IMO has really been the downfall for most of the season particularly the starters (with the exception I for Hamels). I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted that the season would be such a failure. I had hoped that they could’ve treaded water until Utley and Howard returned. Of course the injury to Doc didn’t help either.

Five straight division titles and the city’s first championship since the ’80s… No, for now, Manuel’s safe. His future in Philadelphia will be decided in 2013, the last year of his contract.

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I love how people (some right here) discounted his role in their success, but now are calling for his head as THE reason they lose. Which is it? (eye roll)

You know what Ryan Sandberg would be right now with this team?…..a MLB manager with a .400 winning percentage….

If Charlie was a factor in the Phillies success how is he now not a factor in their failure? Can the Phillies replace an entire team? No. Can the Phillies replace a manager? Yes. And, you know the Phillies would be a .400 team under Sandberg how? You are either pulling it out of your crystal ball or pulling it out of your ass? My vote is for the latter.

Same place your sh** spews from so don’t judge others when they do it, too. Easy for all of us to be geniuses from our computers while looking at Elias reports isn’t it?😛

Let’s be realistic here….Players play for themselves and no one else. The days of playing for the manager are long gone from this and all sports. Sandberg might be a HOFer but I don’t think that means a lot to a bunch of millionaire players as they tune him out with WS rings plugging their ears. At least that is what the crystal ball in my butt thinks…

Usually there is a sacrificial lamb when things go south to kind of change the culture. Maybe Dubee? The pitching blows, especially since Halladay and Contreras have gone down. I know Dubee can’t thow pitches for the drek in the bullpen, but he sure can make some statements. Like insisting that a RP has to be pulled immediately after walking somebody, especially the leadoff hitter. I turn off the TV when that happens.

Dennis you think I made your point because you do not understand the import of my analogy. What a dilemma, who to believe, Dennis or my lying eyes?

Ok. I’ll play along. I assume you used the analogy to say baseball is so simple and still charlie cant get it done. Lets go with your checkers analogy. I’ll start with a full board and you start with just two rows. But wait, 4 of the checkers in your second row just broke and have to be removed. Game on. Oh well. Its only checkers so their should be mo problem right? Since you are so committed to this position lets test that vast baseball knowledge. Give me your best two examples of charlie’s bad management. And if you get the chance you might want to read papelbons thoughts on charlie.

FYI Dennis, Charlie had no idea what a double switch was when he took over the Phillies. Just sayin’.

I heard that and i am not saying Charlie has not made some bad decisions but every manager has. We just happen to see every game and every move Charlie makes. If we watched LaRussa or Torre for every game and every move I would venture a guess that we would see the same thing just maybe different situations. It is the challenge of management. They don’t get the benefit of hindsight. LaRussa said it last night. In retirement he likes being able to second guess all the managers and always be right. I just get annoyed by the Philly crowd that screams from emotion with no real facts or consideration. Quick example. I have heard about the Bastardo for Kendrick switch for a solid week now. Unfortunately Charlie has absolutely no wiggle room. I would suggest that last year Charlie leaves Kendrick in because even if he gives up a run or two our offense could probably get it back but, even if they don’t get it back and we lose we come back tommorrow with Haladay and win that one and probably the next 2. Charlie has to decide right then what is his best possible option at that point to insure we don’t give up a run. Would you want to make the call between Kendrick and Bastardo with your life on the line? Remember, this is Kendrick. The same one that has been getting torched most of the last few games. The same one that gave up 5 runs in the first inning of his previous game. Yeah he has had about 13 good innings in a row but there are 3 left handers coming up. Now Bastardo is not a significantly better choice. His recent history is not great either but he did wiggle out of trouble the day before. So quick, who do you trust? My point is there is too much incomplete information to pin this on Charlie at this point. Its hard to judge a jockey riding a three legged horse.

To address your scenario first, damn right I leave Kendrick in the game after 7 shutout innings and just 89 pitches. I don’t think it’s debateable. How often will you get a performance like that from Kendrick? Would he have left him in if it was Halladay or Lee? In that scenario, you go with the starter until he falters or you have to pinch hit for him. Charlie’s case for using the lefty is weak, considering that Kendrick had already got them out and everybody knew that a RH hitter was coming in anyway if he used Bastardo.
Anyway, my main reason for suggesting that Charlie could go is just a culture change. Sometimes a manager gets stale and it does appear that Charlie’s lost this group.

And there in lies the advantage of being us. We can sit here and say ‘hell yeah I go with Kendrick” and be 100% right. Of course he would have left Lee or Halladay in but are you saying there is even a comparison of those two to Kendrick? Funny, all I hear is how Charlie manages by the book and never waivers but your comment is saying he should have followed the book and left the starter in. That is my point. This town so wants to bash someone for this season and Charlie is the easiest target. I do hear your comment about possibly losing the team. I am not so sure he has lost the team as the team has just not been able to work through the level of adversity this season has presented (ie: Victorino). If these guys heads are that messed up I am not sure there is any one manager out there that can jump in and immedaitely get a group that is one year removed from a record setting year to pull it together. I think the best move at this point is to allow everyone to return and see if Charlie can pull it together during the second half. These guys know they have messed up the season with their performance. If Charlie is truly the players manager that we beleive he is I think there is a better shot of them pulling it together for him, the guy that led them to the mountain top, than bringing in a Larry Bowa type. If he cant pull it together than you make the move at the end of the year when it is obvious to everyone and you have the entire off season to build for next year.

J Rollins SS 4 1 2 1 0 1 .259 .312 .412
S Victorino CF 4 0 0 0 0 1 .242 .308 .364
C Utley 2B 3 0 0 1 0 0 .216 .250 .378
R Howard 1B 3 0 0 0 1 2 .182 .250 .273

Future looks bright with these youngsters.

I really wished the Phils would be around 500 at this point, but if you take ANY team and lose their 3-4 hole hitters for half the season and their #1 starter for 1/3 of a season, where do you expect that team to be? Can you blame that on the manager?

Can someone explain to me why Phils wouldn’t resign Victorino? Is it just a money and years issue?

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