Papelbon Gets His Work In

A fan ran onto the field and tried to scale the center field fence to enter the Phillies bullpen late in last night’s loss to the Braves.

That’s as far as he got.

Jonathan Papelbon hopped up from his seat on the bench in the bullpen and held the fan at the fence until security arrived.

“I just reacted,” he said. “I didn’t want him coming into the bullpen, doing something stupid or crazy. I was just trying to help out security. I didn’t see security.”

So Papelbon just grabbed the fan and held him until security arrived?

“I put him in a sleeper hold,” he said. “That’s about it.”

Did he say anything?

“He just went, ‘Aggggh,’” he said, mimicking a choking sound.

Photo courtsey of Stirrups Now. (h/t The 700 Level).


There is no joy in Cheesesteakville
The mighty Frillies are 14 games out.

Anyone need a broom?

Job well done JP.

$50 million security guard.

yeah let’s not have our million dollar athletes running at drunken and possibly dangerous fans. That’s security’s job, not his.

Good thing was a home game…..if this was a tie game on the road he would have been unavailable.

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