Hamels Agrees to 6-Year, $144 Million Deal

Cole Hamels isn’t going anywhere.

A source confirmed Wednesday morning the Phillies and Hamels have agreed to a six-year, $144 million contract.

Just a couple weeks ago it seemed like Hamels would be traded before Tuesday’s Trade Deadline because the Phillies could not afford to keep him through the season then lose him in free agency. But contract situations and negotiations in baseball turn quickly, and the Phillies made a big push in the past week to make something happen.

They knew they needed to make Hamels an offer he could not refuse, or he would take free agency.

That is exactly what this offer is.

The Phillies signed Roy Halladay to a three-year, $60 million extension when they acquired him from the Blue Jays in Dec. 2009. They signed Cliff Lee to a five-year, $120 million contract in Dec. 2010. This deal bests both of those. It also is the second-largest contract for a pitcher in baseball history, falling only behind the seven-year, $161 million deal CC Sabathia signed with the New York Yankees.

Here’s how the Hamels deal breaks down:

It will pay him $19.5 million next season and $22.5 million each season from 2014-18. The deal includes a $6 million signing bonus, plus a $20 million club option or a $24 million vesting option for 2019, when Hamels will be 35. The option vests automatically if three conditions are met: He does not finish the 2018 on the disabled list with a left shoulder or left elbow injury, he pitches 200 innings in 2018 and 400 innings in 2017-18. If the option does not vest or the Phillies decline to pick up the option Hamels receives a $6 million buyout.


Hope the ownership group is willing to take a Luxury Tax hit or else the Big 3 will have to win a lot of 1-0 games.

Glad they got this done, but what happenes next year? With the money we have tied up in Doc, Lee, Cole, Ryan, Utley, Ruiz, KK, Pence, etc we have little, if any left for 3B, LF, CF. I guess we can play Galvis at 3rd and get great D (little bat) but what do we do in OF? If we move Pence we’d have to get back a starting OF or 3B who would be cheaper and at least as good with Bat. Not looking good for next year

FIJ what is with you? You remind me of a Woody Allen. I will not go into why here, suffice it to say I am alluding to the cultural thing.

Hamels is neither Lee nor Halladay, he is better than both and is worth more than both. I think the Phillies re-signed him on the cheap. A home team discount without appearing to be a home team discount. This had every thing to do with Hamels and nothing to do with Ruin Tomorrow, Jr. other than Ruin was the mere factotum representing the Phillies during these negotiations. Welcome home, Hollywood.

Agreed. He is better then both.

RAJ has done some pretty stupid stuff, but letting Cole walk would have topped it all. Great work to get it done.

What stupid stuff has Ruben done? I think that Pat Gillick has trained him well, and he has done just fine.

Good news. Phils face lots of challenges – too much age, too little youth, left- and center-field (so long, Shane), and third base (Galvis?). But retaining Hamels indicates the Phillies organization remains focused on winning, not just getting by.

acky8710, yes Pat Gillick trained Ruin well. From what I understand Ruin still does his business on the newspaper.

ahhh … a fair-weather fan and and an armchair manager to boot! Either that or you’re a closet Yankees fan.

Acky, give us the list of the things Ruin has done well.It will an easier task and shouldn’t put too much strain on you.

Todd Zolecki, can we vote this guy off the island?

Great to see that Cole will be remaining with the Phillies. He is a player that you can rebuild a team around.

Glad they were able to get it done. It will be interesting to see what happens next as the trade deadline approaches.

See you later, Cliff Lee. Just a guess.Only problem is, who would want him after what he’s been doing lately?

If I had my choice it would be see you later Roy Halladay. Of course Lee is a leftie but he doesn’t show signs of being a broken down old man like Halladay does.

Lee is more tradeable and the Rangers will come sniffing around.

The thing is Ruin will not need to create any new material if Lee is traded. He can go to the Phillies historical archives and dust off his old “rebuilding the farm system” speech he gave when he traded Lee to the Mariners.

Pherris, leaving culture out of it (we won’t allude to you being a type of insect) how do you expect to pay for a CF, LF, 3B pullpen, etc even if they go over the tax. I agree, I expect Lee to become a Ranger within next few days for Olt + 1 or 2 other prospects. In other words, we just did Halladay 2–sign one ace and trade another Suggest you read Murphy’s articles on the issue before you mouth off about me being “a cultural issue”.

My alluding to your culture and comparing you to Woody Allen is the same as you calling me an insect? And this biting retort does not prove my point, how? What ever you say, Dude. At least Woody has gotten rich playing the part of the angst ridden whiner.

Congrats on signing a good pitcher to a deal worthy of an alltime great. Keep spending Yankee money in a poor city while producing the worst team in the NL East. The same NL east, mind you, with the Mets and Marlins. Karma is a b****. You negative, self-loathing losers.

BillyBob, is that you?

Polanco back to the DL. So far since his return to the Phillies, he has missed 87 games entirely with another 17 games where he had only 1 at bat and now the total will only increase. Game wise, he has missed a few games shy of one-quarter of the Phillies games since 2010 counting the 17 games in which he ostensibly appeared as a pinch hitter and/or late inning replacement. Now the total will increase. Have the Phillies gotten their monies worth or is this just another one in the long line of Ruin’s bone head moves?

And don’t forget, he has a $1 million buyout for 2013. So, he has that going for him, which is nice.

Kevin Frandsen is in AAA hitting .303 with 40 RBI in 77 games. What’s he doing down there? Let’s see if they decide to use him. Can he be any worse than Wigginton at third? So far, their minor league system has been a public relations vehicle for Reading and Allentown. Maybe they can get some use from the guys that are sitting down there.

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