How Do The Pieces Fit?

Good morning.

This week has been a crazy one. We’ve had a bunch of stories on Cole Hamels‘ $144 million contract extension, including this one from Paul Hagen yesterday.

Somebody figured out Hamels will make roughly $727,272 per start over the life of his contract, figuring 33 starts per season. He will make $148,148 per game, regardless if he pitches or not. He will make $16,460 per inning, figuring 1,458 innings per season.

It kind of puts $24 million per year into perspective, doesn’t it?

But Hamels isn’t the only highly paid player on the Phillies’ roster. Far from it. The Phillies already have Cliff Lee ($25 million), Roy Halladay ($20 million), Ryan Howard ($20 million), Hamels ($19.5 million), Chase Utley ($15 million), Jonathan Papelbon ($13 million), Jimmy Rollins ($11 million), Carlos Ruiz ($5 million club option), Kyle Kendrick ($4.5 million) and Laynce Nix ($1.35 million) under contract next season. Hunter Pence could make about $14 million as a salary arbitration eligible player, too.

That’s more than $148 million committed to just 11 players.

That is why the Phillies would trade Pence and Lee. Moving Pence and Lee, whether it’s before Tuesday’s trade deadline or in the offseason, would clear about $39 million from the 2013 payroll. But it also would create more holes on the roster. The Phillies would be in better position to address holes at third base, left field, center field and in the bullpen, if they cleared those salaries from the ledger, but they also would create holes in right field and in the rotation. The Phillies have been down that road before. They traded Lee to Seattle in Dec. 2009, then needed to trade a boatload of prospects to Houston in July 2010 for Roy Oswalt. They erred when they thought Ben Francisco could handle right field after Jayson Werth left in Dec. 2010, then sent another boatload of prospects in July 2011 for Pence.

“Ruben has his work cut out for him,” David Montgomery said Wednesday.

Truer words have never been spoken.

“We did discuss the fact, the magnitude of the contract, would it hinder us from doing some other things,” Amaro said about a conversation he had with Hamels before he agreed to the extension. “In some cases it might, but again as I’ve told him, our goal remains the same, to try to put pieces of the puzzle around these core players to make sure we’re a championship caliber club.”

I’m not sure how Amaro is going to try to make this work, but it’s going to be quite the magic show.


Todd, you are getting pretty close to one of the “third rails” of American discourse:. capitalism, Baby, capitalism. If Hamels can find someone willing to pay him the equivalent of a Third World countries GDP, why wouldn’t he? And as ye olde Phillies fan Thomas Jefferson observed way back in that epic 1776 season. “But don’t forget that most men without property would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich, than face the reality of being poor”.

Trading Lee away once was enough. How come no one talks about trading Blanton before the deadline? I know his contract will be up, but he’s better than most teams’ #3 starters.

The point of trading Lee is to get his money off the books for the next 3 years. He’s under contract. Teams would be less likely to give you anything of value for a player who will be a free agent in 2 months.

Maybe it is because getting rid of Lee could possibly save the Phillies a ton of money whereas getting rid of Blanton would not even be a drop in the bucket? Maybe by getting rid of Lee this time Ruin wouldn’t be lying when he claims it will be to stock the farm system?

Listen, the pockets are mega DEEP at CBP.. So go over the luxury tax and suck it up for a year. A measley ~$3m dollar tax hit isn’t going to send the owners into bankruptcy; they make that A NIGHT with gate + concessions + parking + etc. So let’s ADD and not SUBTRACT and get a MF’in World Series next year!

I love a written coment that starts with “Listen.”

You know the depth of the pockets at CBP exactly how? I guess the Phillies being cited by the league for their debt-equity ratio didn’t really happen.

Yeah, like there aren’t multiple acceptable ways to reporrt assets, iiabilities, equity, etc. It’s ridiculously easy to make the books work for or against you.
The bottom line is that we have no idea what the Phillies overall income is, escept that it is A LOT. I have to assume that pherris either doesn’t go to games or he just lacks basic observation skills.

As long as they stay under the luxury tax threshold this season (not a given), they will most certainly go over it next year. As long as it’s only one year, the penalty is minimal.
I think the league threw them a curve when they kept it static from 2011 through 2013, when it had been going up significantly every year before the recent Basic Agreement.

Only if the curve ball is of the hanging variety.

Trading Lee: you’d have to eat a lot of the money. You wouldn’t actually be clearing the 95 million.

Why? Depends on how desperate the other team is, doesn’t it? There in no urgency on the part of the Phillies to trade Lee as there was in the Hamels’ situation, is there?.

Someone had mentioned that if they traded Lee they would be taking his money off the board. I was just making the point that if that happened,,,,

This from Jayson Stark today: The Phillies are still considering trading Shane Victorino before the deadline. It appears they’ll wait a few more days before making that call. One executive who spoke with GM Ruben Amaro Jr. reports, “I don’t even think Ruben knows what he’s going to do.”
Now, I’ll turn the floor over to pherris…

Thank you, muleman, it just begs to be asked. But I get to double down in true muleman fashion which says it all – that would be Ruin Tomorrow, Jr., You and Stark ought to be able to get the name straight at least. Seeesh!

Wow. Braves made Cole Slaw out of Hamels tonite..Looks like that’s another brilliant resigning by Reuben Sandwich. And the Frillies sink deeper into the quicksand of a failed franchise.And poor Weinus Wain, he’s must be blubbering into his cheesesteak tonight. All those lofty statements about winning streaks and players returning to the roster, whoopsie. You’ve got a fat ass, 1B who can hardly walk(history), a second baseman, trying to find his stroke in late July and god, that pitching staff, phew. 14.5 back and headed in the wrong direction and not even trying to unload any of this overpriced nightmare. it’s gonna take you guys 10 years to get over this debacle.

Rumor has it that BillyBob’s sister threw him over for their uncle. Must be true, he is back.

Yo, phan52, Dave Montgomery declares Ruin “has his work cut out for him”. Is it me or does this sound like a not so ringing endorsement for Dave’s boy? I don’t believe Ruin wastes, I mean spends, the money he does without the okay of Montgomery. Regardless, if I were a suspicious person, I would say Dave has just hung out his boy to dry.

ruben or Ruin, he better find a 3B, cf, and LF by next opening day. BTW, Mayberry and his level of players don’t count

Gary Matthews said on the radio the last time Hamels pitched and pitched 124 pitches instead of the suggested 100: “Sometimes when pitchers go over 100, they have a bad outing the next time.” I wonder if anyone was surprised last night. Other than fake substances, there is no way around the body wearing out and needing time to recover. Its the Krebs Cycle people. They can’t let the pitchers go over 100

Yes, of course – the magical 100-pitch mark. As though the body has a click-counter that signals some sort of shutdown. It’s those extra 20 pitches, eh? I thought that’s what the 5 days’ rest was for.
In the words of noted philosopher Maynard G. Krebs, “We’re in trouble, Dobie.”

Wouldn’t that be 4 days rest in a 5 man rotation?

Cole has had 9, 5, and 5 days of rest in his last three starts. But that’s beside the point. He’s never had a problem going well over 100 pitches. Everybody has bad stretches during a long season.

Sorry to clog the issue with facts, but Cole has routinely thrown between 109 and 117 pitches this year. He has only thrown less than “the suggested 100” three times. Check the numbers:

So weinus wain and his willies, how’s that winning streak working out 4 u?

BillyBob, your sister is available now.

I hate pitch count. Look at what Nolan Ryan’s Rangers have done since he through the pitch count out the window. Look at the best pithers in the game, they all go over the magical 100 most outings. Look at such “bad” pitchers as Carlton. Robins, Kofax, etc. There is a great interview on the site by the former Braves pitching coach about this. If any excuse for Hamels outing is possible, it is, as he said, the humidity affected his grip.

What are you talking about? Nolan Ryan is a bullshit artist. The four top starters for the Rangers(with average pitch count per start) are: Harrison(101.2), Darvish(109.1), Holland(92.87), Lewis(101.68). These guys average 101.21 pitches per start. And among them they have only 6 complete games. What does connecting the dots tell you? Have we heard the last of your Nolan Ryan shtick or what?

Thank you for defending me. I see this over and over with the Phils. Blanton pitches a wonderful game. Next game with the fatigue, he just doesn’t pitch well.

Awwww, his poor little arm is tired.

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