Pence Gets A Break

Hunter Pence gets a break today at Turner Field, and not because a trade is imminent … or so we’re told.

Charlie Manuel started Laynce Nix in right field for the team’s series finale against the Braves. Pence has nine hits in his last 39 at-bats (.153), although he has nine RBIs in that stretch. Keeping him out of the starting lineup today means Pence will get a two-day break with no game scheduled Monday.

“I wanted to sit him down,” Manuel said. “He’s been trying. He tries real hard. He tries too hard. Let his mind take a break today and tomorrow.”

Pence’s name has circulated in trade rumors, but it is believed the Phillies would have to be compensated richly to move him. He remains under the team’s control next season, and he is the team’s only right-handed power bat other than Carlos Ruiz, who is 33 and having a career year. If the Phillies trade an outfielder before Tuesday’s Trade Deadline, Shane Victorino and Juan Pierre are more likely candidates. I’ve got to think Joe Blanton will be moved, if somebody puts together a fair package for him.


geez, What’s up Doc? Frilly fans thought he would be the prescription for what ails them. Braves giving doc a taste of his own medicine

Billybob. I hear that some guy attending all the Braves games this weekend was arrested for cruelty to animals for swinging a cat in the stands. The judge dismissed the charges ruling there was no cruelty to the cat since the guy was in no danger of hitting anyone with the cat.

I understand that the Frillies will be using cinder blocks as opposed to baseball gloves in the future. They believe that they will field the ball better withe cinder blocks.

“Let his mind take a break?” So, I’ll put him in in the sixth inning. Those 90 minutes really do a guy a lot of good.
Charlie’s amazing.

Todd, I remember the terms of service we all agreed to when signing up here forbid multiple user names. Biffreef and zippyisanidiot are the same person. I request you get rid of both of them on this basis alone.

Oh, wow. after sweep.

little Weinus crying like a 3 year old girl

too funny. I haven’t ever hidden the fact that I am billreef and zippyisanidot. 2nd screen name was adopted to get rid of idiot on Braves blog(btw, it worked). If i thought it would work on Weinus, i would do it all over again.

Todd, there you have it, someone double posting. What are you going to do about it?

Weinus, you guys are so far out, it’s not even fun to rag on you anymore.

bad news when baseall is over in july

Let the fire sale begin. Pherris, how much attendance do you think the Phillies will tally in October?

More than the Braves, my friend, more than the Braves.

Come what may over the next several days but do the Phillies really want Ruin Tomorrow, Jr. in on how to correct the train wreck he has created since 2009? The Phillies just need to hold until the end of the season not in the expectation that they will pull the season out of their asses but as damage control before giving the gate to Ruin and Charlie . Yeah, I know Charlie is a “winner”, self described or otherwise but so was Bobbie Cox.

I’d be surprised if Ruin makes more than 1 deal, and not at all surprised if he doesn’t do anything at all.
Partly because the players he would get wouldn’t be Major Leaguers, and partly because he thinks he’s sitting on a pile of gold over there. He won’t get back what he thinks they’re worth.

Or maybe he will not allowed to do such because Montgomery and the Boys have come to their senses and realize that house cleaning has to start in the attic. We can only hope.

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