Orioles Like Blanton (A Lot)

Brittany Ghiroli, who covers the Orioles for MLB.com, just filed a report on Baltimore’s interest in Joe Blanton.

Basically, if they give the Phillies something they like it’s a good bet he joins Jim Thome this week.

The sense I get in any trade involving the Phillies (Shane Victorino, Juan Pierre, Blanton, etc.) before tomorrow’s 4 p.m. deadline is this: They’re not going to trade a guy for a warm body. I think the Phillies are realistic enough to know they’re not going to get a top prospect for Blanton, who becomes a free agent after the season, but a quality relief pitcher or a solid utility infielder would be attractive to them. A filler in Double-A or Triple-A doesn’t make much sense, unless moving Blanton’s salary helps them dip below the luxury tax.

Stay tuned …


Given the fact that Joe pitched the best game of the three in Atlanta, maybe we should not be so quick to give him up?

hes a good #5, but way over priced. We won’t resign him so dump him for what you can get. Time to re-tool for 2013. We need 3B, CF, LF, RP. We have, for good or bad, 1B, 2B, SS, C, RF (unless Pence is traded) and 4 SP. Pen is Pap, KK, Bastardo and Dyk. Super U is Galvis, Mayberry, Nix, Wiggy are bench

pedro strop or troy patton might be decent RP to pick up in a blanton deal…

Why not kick the tires on Blanton for Sweeney in Boston?

I’m guessing they won’t be able to resign Joe to his real value, because it only takes one dumb (or desperate) team to drive his salary up beyond what a team like the Phillies should pay for him. I do think the team has to whatever it can to dump enough salary to stay below luxury tax this season, because this team is not worth the incredible hit it would take next year (when they will definitely be over the cap) if they are also over it this year. I hope they get good value for Joe, because he was a good part of the team when he was healthy.

Joe Blanton should have been gone 2 years ago. When Ruin shopped him there were no takers so Ruin kicked the problem down the road and through some money at it by signing Joe for $24 million for 3 years. For this Ruin earned one more ODF Award (ODF as in One Dumb Fuck). One more nail in the Ruination of the Phillies.

make that “threw” not through.

Based on what RAJ said a few days ago, the it’s not “mandated” that the Phils stay under the cap, but I love the idea of sending Blanton, or even Blanton and Pierre, to the O’s for Xavier Avery.

would love to get Strop, but doubt we get anywhere near that quality. The benefit of not going over tax this year is we can next year with less penalty. Unlike RAJ, at least we can think down the road a bit

Any thing short of getting rid of Ruin and Charlie is comparable to treating a systemic infection with a band-aid and an aspirin. The one deal of Ruins which stands alone is the acquisition of Pence. Now rumor has it that Pence is on the trading block. Why? Are the Phillies going to strip down to nothing to allow Ruin to build his idea of a model team? If you gave Ruin a map, a mirror and a flashlight, he would not be able to find his own ass. How the fuck is he going to be able to find a model team?

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