Victorino to LA Deal Gets Close

The Phillies and Dodgers are closing on a deal that would send Shane Victorino to Los Angeles, a source confirmed to

The Dodgers would send the Phillies right-handed reliever Josh Lindblom and a second player.

Triple-A Lehigh Valley outfielder Domonic Brown is on his way to Nationals Park, where the Phillies open a three-game series Tuesday against the Nationals. That is a sure sign a deal is imminent, although it remains to be seen where he plays. The Phillies also have been trying to trade rightfielder Hunter Pence. The Giants have been pursuing him.

Don’t rule out the Phillies trading both Victorino and Pence on the same day. first reported the Phillies and Dodgers were close to the finish line on the trade.

The Phillies are looking to overhaul their roster after a remarkably disappointing season. Moving Victorino, who will become a free agent after the season, to the Dodgers will allow the Phillies to bolster their bullpen, which has been a weakness.

Victorino had been looking for a five-year contract once he hit the open market. The Phillies seemed unlikely to sign him, so it makes sense to move him rather than let him leave with nothing in return after the season.

Lindblom is 2-2 with a 3.02 ERA in 48 appearances this season for the Dodgers. He cannot become a free agent until 2018.

The Phillies have been talking to the Orioles about a trade involving Joe Blanton, although it appears the remaining $3 million on Blanton’s contract could kill the deal. The Orioles want the Phillies to pick up a substantial portion of the contract, which makes little sense to them if they are getting a lesser prospect in return.


I am sorry folks, but Victorino for a reliever? Really? Again, Ruin waited too long, still hoping to catch that train which left the station after the 2008 season. Run, Ruin, Run.

Is Ruin really the guy we really want re-constructing the Phillies when he has done nothing over the last four years but destruct the Phillies?

Don’t quite understand getting rid of Pence. Left field is already a black hole. Now there’ll be no Victorino in center. Doesn’t make sense to get rid of the only semi-steady hitting outfielder left (even though his defense is terrible).

Don’t try to understand. Just think Ruin.

My daughter usually gives me a Phillies Six-Pack as a Christmas gift. I told her if she does it this year and Ruin and Mr. Magoo are still with the Phillies, she will become an orphan.

Vic has no value to any team past this year as he’s a FA. How much would you give up for a CF who is hitting .260+ and falls asleep in the middle of games? A quality RP who is under control until 2018 is a good deal.

Trading Pence is about Money. He’s set to make 15 million next year. Obviously the thought is we can get equal quality for less money nand pick up some prospects in process.

How did Pherris survive Phillies baseball 1985 through 2006?


He didn’t. pherris wasn’t on board until 2008 and he expects guaranteees. Frontrunning bore. I’m sure he’ll be a Nationals fan by the end of the season.

The entire 2012 season started on bad note when two of your core players are on the shelf from the start. You also have to take into account of the players acquired in the off season have not performed as well as could have been expected, and the fact that the starting pitching have suffered some unforseen setbacks, and the total collapse of the bullpen, we should take this opportunity to reflect and restock for next year. It has been one HELL OF A RIDE for us a Phillies fans for the past 6-7 years (the BEST in the HISTORY of the franchise) and we should be thankful that the organization has continued to try to make the ballclub matter. It seems we all seem to forget how bad the franchise was for so many years……… JMO

Come on people. One bad season since 06 and we are all going bananas? Ruben is not the problem. The players are. On paper, this team (healthy) should be a contender…no question. So it’s Ruben’s fault that they have under achived? SMH. Be a fan, not a bandwagoner.

You can see this group we all loved have lost their desire. We need a shake up. We need some fresh blood that will do anything to get to the series. Where can we trade Charlie to?

Agreed. New blood. The team leader doesn’t run the ball out, the hero is made of glass, the slugger chokes, the hay-seed fails to inspire, and the skipper isn’t quite sure what move to make. furthermore, the hurlers have reached “Brett Myers” levels of missed opportunity and the general manager played for the entire pot over the last two years and he lost. The Fightens should retain what works and purge what doesn’t. Let start with Shane, Pence, Joe, Mayberry Jr., and I’m sad to say, Placido. I have always been fawned for Palanco. Shed a little salary and pick up some youth. They still have an incredible rotation if it can stay healthy and there is still a core of bats remaining. If they can find an American League team to pick up even half of the choker’s salary for some more youth and/or relief pitching they could save some money and buy more youth.

Thank god of Chooch, right?

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