Strange Sights

Shane Victorino went 0-for-4 with a strikeout in his Dodgers debut. He hit leadoff and played left field.

Strange to see him in Dodgers blue, no?


He was drafted by the Dodgers in ’99, drafted by the Padres in ’02 as a Rule 5 and returned to the Dodgers in 2003. I’d say he’s back where he belongs.

The twist here is after being taken in the Rule 5 draft by the Phillies in 2004, Victorino was offered back to the Dodgers but the Dodgers declined.

I can’t imagine going from a sold out stadium for a losing team to a team in the hunt with less than 10 fans in the seats in the background of this picture.

Do you really think Dodger Stadium is that empty? Do you think it might have been early in the game and the fans had not yet settled in? Kind of like what happens at CBP?

Dodgers fans arrive late and leave early. Very few of them see nine innings of a baseball game.

As I have said all along, Mr. Amaro is a genius.

Schierholtz says all the right things. His story reminds me of Werth’s as far as trying to get more playing time at this stage in his career. No reason he shouldn’t get two months worth here to prove himself and is probably just veteran enough that Charlie won’t jerk him around and allow him the opportunity..

Did mention lately what a fucking genius His Eminence Mr. Amaro is? By the way do you think there is any truth to this rumor that Mittens Romney will not show his tax returns prior to 2010 because they will show he didn’t pay any taxes? Reminds me of the old refrain “Mittens rowed his money offshore, Hallelujah,,.Mittens rowed his money offshore…”

I wish him and Pence all the best, but so far, those trades are looking pretty damn good! 0 for 8 for those two, and we get a home run and great defensive plays from Schierholtz. Let’s hope this trend continues…

so they cleared major cash for next year. THey have half of a corner outfielder with Schierholz (combined with Mayberry perhaps a whole corner OF). If Brown plays the other corner, we still need a CF and 3B. with Bourn supposedly asking for $100 million, are we looking at bringing back Victorino next year as FA? WOnder what happens if they put Galvis at 3B, Jstroll at SS, and the AA guy (I think it’s Hernandez) at 2B-for the 1/2 season Utley misses as usual. They have got to have one hell of an off season this year

I think there’s a better chance that Ruiz is the 3B next year than Galvis. You’ll see Carlos at third a couple of times before this season is over.

I think there is a better chance that JRoll is at 3B with Galvis at SS.

Why speak disparagingly of Schierholtz after only two games? He homered in the first and saved the second with a fantastic catch. Abraham Lincoln compared his generals to the task of sheep shearing. He exclaimed in frustration that while all of his generals could not have the primary job of doing the actual shearing, he expected all of them to at least be able to hold a leg. As as long as Schierholtz can hold a leg, the job will get done.

phan52: Amaro on Ruiz: “I don’t think he could do it every day,” Amaro said, “but it could give him a spell from behind the plate and put him at third base from time to time. He takes ground balls every day. We’ve kicked it around. It’s not an idea that’s that far off-base.
“It’s difficult to think he could do that on an everyday basis. His value obviously is behind the plate because of what he can do. But, I mean, listen, sometimes you have to keep an open mind.”

On Rollins at third, Jim Salisbury Tweeted this today: Asked R. Amaro if he’d consider Rollins for 3b nxt yr w Galvis at SS. “No. He’s our SS.”

That is, of course, depending on whether you think Ruben is telling the truth all of the time.

I think it is kind of interesting that Bobby Abreu was the one DFA when the Dodgers traded for Victorino. Victorino got his first shot at serious PT when the Phillies traded Abreu in 2006. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Also almost on the same day as the Victorino trade, Abreu was designated for assignment. Life is a circle sometimes.

Cmon Phils… get that sweep!

I’m not in favor of moving Jroll to 3rd simply because he’s shown that he plays best when in his comfort zone (notice his numbers when hitting leadoff as apposed to hitting 3rd) while Galvis has shown an ability to move posisitons with ease. It makes no difference if the SS is all glove no bat or and the 3B has JRolls production, or vis versa.

Saint Mayberry Jr and Dumb Brown in the outfield instead of Victorino and Pence…great moves! Cancel my plans to buy tix

Mike Trout was a prospect in Millville NJ right under the Phillies noses…local…so much for Phillies scouting…recordmaking high school player with great attitude…now maybe mvp and rookie of the year…for LA no less…go figure

J-roll is the class and team leader…put him at 3rd…bat him 2nd…he is the man…give up with Junior…trade him for opts

Hurts to see Shane in a fu***ing dodgers jersey…it really does

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