Lee’s on Waivers! Uh, So What?

Yahoo! Sports reported today the Phillies placed Cliff Lee on waivers.

Folks, this is not a big deal. Not even a little bit. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jonathan Papelbon and Jimmy Rollins are placed on waivers this month. Certainly Joe Blanton, Juan Pierre, Ty Wigginton and Placido Polanco will be. Now that the non-waiver trade deadline has passed, players need to clear waivers before they can be traded before Aug. 31.

This is a procedural move designed to give the Phillies flexibility before the end of the month.

Yes, if Lee clears waivers the Phillies can trade him. And I would expect Lee to clear waivers because he is owed $87.5 million beginning next season. Very few teams can absorb that contract. That is the biggest reason why the Phillies had no luck trading him last month. He is owed a ton of money.

But keep in mind waivers are revocable. If Lee is claimed — the claiming team must be prepared to take on his entire contract, making it a tremendous risk to put in a claim — the Phillies can let him go to the team that claimed him. But they also can pull him back or attempt to work out a trade with the claiming team.

If the Phillies pull him back he can no longer be traded until the offseason.

So don’t freak out. Lee hasn’t been released. (I’ve had people ask me if he’s been waived.) He hasn’t been traded. It doesn’t mean he’s going to be traded. It just means the Phillies are trying to give themselves as many options as possible before Aug. 31. You never know. Maybe the Rangers come back to the Phillies this month with an offer they simply can’t refuse.


Here’s a look at some of the craziness for the Phillies in the hours leading up to Tuesday’s 4 p.m. trade deadline.


Rangers traded Villanueva to the Cubs in the Dempster trade, making the possibility of Mike Olt in a Lee trade unlikely. Unless the Rangers are “all or nothing” this fall.

Exactly. Just using them as an example.

So, the Phillies “had no luck trading him last month.” On Mike Missanelli’s radio show, Amaro said “Lee was never on the market.” Which is it? Do you know he was being shopped? If so, you’re calling Amaro a liar.
Which is exactly why putting Lee on waivers is kind of a big deal. Do they want to trade him or not?

RAJ is a liar. This is well documented. If he wasn’t a liar he’d be even worse at his job than he is.

So, he’s bad at his job?

Why would he have any motivation to lie AFTER the fact? The trade deadline had passed, and he maintained that Lee wasn’t on the market. He couldn’t say, “We tried, but couldn’t make a deal”? What’s the harm in saying that they couldn’t get fair value?

Muleman, did you even watch or read about the trade deadline? I wonder if you ever watch what’s going on.

Multiple people reported Lee was on the market. And multiple people reported he was off the market with minutes left to go on the deadline. Amaro had said that they weren’t going to break up the rotation and then said plans could change.

So, it’s not a big deal because he WAS already on the market.

“Ruben did tell me that some teams proposed some stuff to him, but nothing that ever made even close to sense for the Phillies,” Lee said then.

I expected this to happen right away. People need to relax, it’s just procedural. Even I got put on waivers today lol.

@muleman: Is that a serious question? GMs blatantly lie to the press all the time regarding player moves, up until before any kind of transaction is done officially. And I don’t blame them in the least for doing it. Also Todd’s right, most of the time anymore guys being put on waivers is almost completely formality, it’s one of the least important “news” items in a given baseball season. Having said that, I never believed we had genuine interest in possibly trading Lee. I mean, there’s no way we didn’t foresee this (likely) financial reality of Cole Hamels back a year and a half ago when we signed Lee to that monster contract, so then what would’v’e point the point of doing that? (signing Lee)

So why say anything at all? Ruben makes himself available to WIP’s morning show and Missanelli – without being asked. I suppose you’re so tuned-into the everyday goings on of MLB teams that you can dismiss my comment? Yeah, right.
The financial reality was in signing so many players to big-money contracts. Now, they address them in such a way that they seemed to have creeped-up on the team. Really?
As though they didn’t realize, when they were handing out money to Howard, Rollins, Utley, Halladay, Lee and Hamels that eventually, it would … add up.
Is there no long-range plan in place? As though they never saw these guys getting older and less productive.
That’s what they are paid to do. Spare me your speculative nonsense.

You can’t keep paying out all of these big kinds of contracts if you’re not winning. If they Phillies are in first place we’re not having these conversations. They won 102 games last year. You’d expect an older team to fall off a little bit, not drop off a cliff.

If you sell out all season and sell postseason tickets, you’re not looking to unload the guys you have to replenish your farm system.

And you’re so tuned-into the everyday goings on of MLB teams because you listen to WIP and Missanelli. We need you down there at the front office.

So we can put you down for one yes vote that Ruin is doing a lousy job?

Not that it matters one way or the other, but sign Pierre for two years. Good value considering the circumstances.

Man, the sobbing coming out of Philly, is getting deafening. Can you guys keep it down a bit?

“Weinus Envy” welcome my friend. I expected you since according to your cousin , your mother isn’t available todayl Don’t worry, we are still trying to get those teeth you requested from Make A Wish air dropped into your hollow.

Putting players on waivers this week is procedural. They should put everybody but Hamels and Ruiz on waivers to see if there are any nibbles.

“They should put everybody but Hamels and Ruiz on waivers to see if there are any nibbles.” Agree wholeheartedly. Especially the BIG GLOVE SPITTER. He needs to go.

To lie about what is in progress is one thing but to lie to cover your ass is a different story. Ruin lied his ass off when he spouted that Lee had been traded to the Mariners to restock the farm system or something to that effect due to not being able to come to an agreement for an extension with Lee. Ruin must be a Republican who believes if you tell the same lie often enough, it will be believed.. Given the reaction by Phillies fans and Philadelphia sports writers, he might be onto something.

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