Blanton Traded, Lee Claimed

Joe Blanton is gone.

Cliff Lee isn’t going anywhere.

The Phillies placed Blanton on waivers this week, and the Dodgers promptly claimed him. The Phillies had the option of pulling him back from waivers, but instead they shipped him to Los Angeles for a player to be named or cash. The Dodgers will pay the remaining $2.9 million in Blanton’s salary, and the Phillies can get a player back if they want.

CBS’ Jon Heyman reported a team claimed Lee, but Ruben Amaro Jr. told reporters today Lee isn’t going anywhere.

That’s not a surprise. Unless the Phillies got knocked out with an offer, the Phillies weren’t going to trade him.

Blanton’s departure leaves five players from the 2008 World Series roster: Cole Hamels, Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley. While working on the The Rotation last year, I asked Blanton how often he gets asked about his home run in Game 4 of the 2008 World Series:

“It gets mentioned a lot. I get a lot of really cool comments. People remember where they were when I hit it, that kind of thing. I get a lot of that: I was sitting in this section. I was at home on my couch. I was at this bar when I was watching the game. People remember where they were when I hit it and they bring it up, which I think is unbelievable. To remember that … that’s pretty awesome.  I get asked about it, but I get more of the I was here stuff: That’s one of my favorite Phillies memories, or that was one my favorite moment of the postseason.”

Watch Blanton’s highlights from Game 4 and his thoughts after Game 5 after the jump …


Can not believe we just gave him away.

They were going to lose him to free agency anyway, so what difference does it make?

Exactly, so why do this? The only certainty about this is the Phillies save the $3million or so for the remainder of Joe’s contract providing the Phillies did not agree to eat any of it in which case the savings would be less. They couldn’t have just waited?

was kendrick part of that world series roster?

No. Kendrick was left off the roster.

he got a ring tho.

thanks i was just wondering, couldnt remember

6 Phillies are left from the 08 WS Team. you forgot Kyle Kendricks.

It says “the World Series roster.” Kendrick was left off the WS roster. 5.

spickle: Everybody who was on the active roster during 2008 got a ring – including worthless Adam Eaton and So Taguchi.

As I re-read spickle’s comments, I wonder if my cat has gotten an MLB user name and has started posting comments while I’m at work.

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I sorta thought the same thing that they would lose Blanton to free agency at the end of the and of course for the Dodgers they get a decent pitcher for the stretch run. However, I’m not quite sure what the Phils got out it? (Other than a salary dump). It appears they didn’t get much in return.

I must admit to being a bit sadden to see another 2008 WS player leave the fold. I do so hope that this season was just a bump in the road and that they can at least rebound for at least next season. The Hot Stove/off season will be very interesting.

Can someone help me on this. If it is not Amaro’s intention to trade Lee then why the hell do you put him on waivers. Do you really think other teams would not try to claim him, he is afterall an elite pitcher. Stupid, stupid, Amaro should go!!!

P, you place Lee on waivers to give you options. Say Lee clears waivers. Now say a team’s ace gets hurt this month. Now say that team, tasting a World Series championship, gets really desperate and offers a tremendous package for Lee. If you’re Amaro, wouldn’t you like to have that option to trade him? You’d be kicking yourself if you were like, “If I’d only placed him on waivers.” There’s ZERO risk in doing this. It only increases your options. Of course, Lee didn’t clear. The Phillies talked with the Dodgers, they told the Dodgers the price was huge, the Dodgers said no and the Phillies pulled him back. No harm, no foul.

Joey B took a lot of heat for his contract but he did everything expected of him, except for last season when he was hurt. He was a solid 3-4 type pitcher the whole time he was here, and was a big factor after the trade in 2008.

Blanton was a solid 3-4 pitcher the whole time here? I believe this is what the Phillies thought they were getting and maybe he filled that role in 2008 but it was obvious by the end of 2009 that Blanton was no more than a 4 on average. Does the typical 4 make $8 million a year? I don’t know but my guess would be no. AMF to Joe.

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