Shut Down Doc? No Chance

The Phillies made one thing crystal clear this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park:

Roy Halladay is pitching the rest of the season.

Halladay answered questions Saturday about the chances he might be shut down the remainder of the year, considering the team has no chance to make the postseason and Halladay missed seven weeks because of an injured right back muscle. After all, wouldn’t it make sense to save some bullets for next season when the games matter?

“We’re not thinking about doing that,” Charlie Manuel said. “I don’t have to answer that no more. He’s not going to get shut down.”

The Phillies said encasing Halladay in bubble wrap would be counterproductive.

“My goal right now for Roy Halladay is pitch on a regular basis and get back to being who he used to be,” Rich Dubee said. “He’s fought some injuries. He’s developed some bad habits. He’s got these two months to hopefully wean himself off those bad habits and retrain himself. That’s why it’s important for him to pitch. He’s healthy. He’s felt stronger than he has in a long time. He’s got to retrain himself so he gets back into that proper arm slot.”

Halladay’s arm angle dropped about six inches before he landed on the disabled list in May, a byproduct of compensating for the weakened latissimus dorsi muscle.

“You try doing that for five months,” Dubee said. “Try doing anything for five months. Walk upside down for five months then try to walk the right way. It’s going to take you a while to break that bad habit.”

Dubee said based on what he has seen from Halladay in his previous two starts he is convinced Halladay will return to prior form.

“Absolutely,” he said.

Halladay is 1-1 with a 2.08 ERA in his last two starts, allowing nine hits, three runs, two walks and striking out 12 in 13 innings.

Of course, only time will tell. But if Dubee is right it will be good news for the 2013 Phillies.


I was thinking about this the other night. He and Cliff particularly were used hard last year. Lots of CG, even 10 innings one time for Cliff if I remember. Rarely coming out before 8th. Same problem as this year- poor bullpen forced them to pitch long. I know you don’t want to shut them down, that throws pitchers off. But I think both Roy and Cliff should be on a pretty tight pitch count/inning count the rest of the year for 2 reasons: 1) give their arms and bodies a rest for next year – they are not getting any younger. 2) you need to give that bullpen as many innings as possible to show what they have (or do not have). They need to be worried about entering the offseason knowing exactly what they have, and what they need. The only way to do that is to give these guys some innings. Last year, the poor play of the bullpen was masked by the long innings these starters pitched and Ryan Madsen pitching the 8th when Lidge was healthy. You need to put these guys out there the rest of this season and see if they can figure it out. Most of these guys are not rookies – far from it. So no worry about their psyche or confidence. I wouldn’t pitch either Roy or Cliff past the 6th the rest of the year unless they are just mowing guys down (low pitch count) or have a no hitter going.

OK, so the bullpen stinks and your plan is to rest your best starters and turn games over to guys you can’t trust. You’ll be mathematically eliminated in no time.
Sure, go ahead and pay your starters $20 million and put games in the hands of guys making the league minimum.
I’m amazed you could type that long without taking more Ritalin.

What are you talking about? First of all, I don’t know what you were watching last year because the Phillies had one of the best bullpens in MLB. And one of the reasons they are getting exposed THIS season is because the starters suck and are making the bullpen pitch way too much. Why do you think the Braves melted down in September last season?
Guys like Lee and Halladay are used to pitching way over 200 innings a season so it is ridiculous to suggest that they go on pitch counts. Leave that to the idiot GM down in Washington.

Rest Halladay for next year? What unmitigated bullshit. The last time I looked the Phillies have not been eliminated. Am I missing something here or what? Who is the asshole who even broached this subject? Let me guess, the same guys who buy Ruins warmed over chestnuts about how his every fuckup is designed to (drum roll please) restock the farm system.

I wouldn’t rest anybody until those little x’s and y’s go up next to the teams in front of them. Until then, they’re going out there every day.

Awwww, Weinus Wain. The sellout streak is over. With this team and farm system ya got. you’ll be back to 20k a game in no time. The last thing you had to brag about was attendance and now that’s losing games , too. So sad.

Weinus Envy, I’ll worry about it when it sinks below the Braves Line (the Mendoza Line of Team Attendance).

I’d respect you a hell of a lot more if you worried about “the mendoza line” of the players on the field. Uggla is certainly fair game… ha. This attendance thing is weak, and it’s all you got. And it’s sad. You’re tied for last, you’re 17 games out of first, your management just cleaned house, and you’re still talking shit on other blogs. You look like an idiot. Man up, and stop being a 10 year old.

I’m not really concerned about Doc, but why hasn’t anyone talked about shutting down Worley to allow the surgery now? He has been struggling lately and those loose bodies in his arm probably have a decent hand in that. I’d rather him go under the knife now so that he has as much time as possible to recover so that he’ll be ready for next season.

Yeah, ever since Worley came clean with the elbow issues he’s been awful. Shut him down, clean it out, and let him get ready for next spring. Let’s see what Tyler Cloyd has on this level.

First sign of a losing season and all of the sudden there’s no consecutive sellout streak. Looks like Citizens Bank Park is not immune to apathy and fare-weather fans. It’s a shame. Looks like there’s nothing left for Phils fans to hang their hats on. Huge payroll + 17 games out + mid season fire sale + depleted farm system + aging overpriced injury plagued veterans = declining attendance from here on out. 6 straight division titles and 1 championship doesn’t quite match up to 14 straight 1 championship. I can’t think of a time when the Braves had a fire sale or a depleted farm system. Even in our bad seasons we never were out of it like this. Oh well. I hope at least that attendance rebounds. It seems like consecutive sellouts are most important. We’ll keep winning… and you guys keep “attending”… at least let’s hope those sellouts continue in all the losing. What else would you guys have to cheer for without your beloved attendance?

What’s a “fare-weather ” fan? Georgia school systems. Sad…and BTW When Phillies attendance falls behind Braves attendance, you can start with the “fair-weather” fan crap. Braves fans should know whereof they speak in that regard.
Oh look…a high school football game….gotta go!

haha – winning and attendance are no longer viable. Now spelling is the “go to” comeback. Nice.

Your problem, not mine.
What’s the matter? Bothered by the thousands of Phillies phans at Turner Field?

didn’t hear anyone cheering for the Frillies last night. Oh, that’s right, there was nothing to cheer about.

Despite not being a sell out our attendance last night and I’m sure for the rest of the season will top Turner Field. I’d take a 1/2 empty Citizens Bank any day. Plus there’s a very good chance the Phils will rebound next season. Hopefully it’s a blip on the radar.

Very good chance= no way in H*ll

You’ve made it pretty clear how little you know about MLB over the years, so I can understand how a casual frontrunning Braves fan like you would think that a team that has Hamels, Halladay and Lee and about $30 million to spend won’t be back in the mix in 2013. Of course, if Braves fans supported their team anything like Phillies phans do, maybe they wouldn’t be looking to move everybody whenever they got close to arbitration. Most of the young kids on the Braves will have to be dealt in the next couple of years.

Complete game shutout from Cole and a dinger from Howard gets it done.

I thought it was funny how Heyward fouled off a 2-0 pitch when Bourne had the base stolen, although Bourne didn’t think it was so funny. Nice baseball IQ, big guy.

i guess the small victories are good enough for frilly fans this year.

Weinus envy, you would know about small things.

Here’s what’s great about being a Phils fan: No tomahawk chop. Need I say more.

I was looking for some Braves fans in the crowd last night, but couldn’t find any. Nothing like the sea of red that descends on Turner Field when the Phillies are there.
BTW, I think I also see red in Michael Bourne’s future.

I’m beginning to think you wish you were a yankee fan. Everything important to you is beat by the yankees, in pretty much every category. Try on the pinstripes big fella. I mean, it’s obvious baseball is not what you care about.

i wish, but not if he wants 6 years/100million as is being reported.

He’ll never get that. His agent is Bore-ass, so the starting point is ridiculously obscene.

I see Bourne’s age as a factor also. He will be 30 in 2013. What he is going to get in terms of length? But if it can be fucked up, Ruin will find the way.

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