So what’s up since the trade deadline?

A few facts and figures:

  • The Phillies are 5-3 since they traded Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence. Both Victorino and Pence are off to slow starts with their new teams. Victorino is hitting .200 with one double, two stolen bases, two walks and two strikeouts. Pence is hitting .133 with three doubles, five RBIs, one stolen base, one walk and six strikeouts.
  • The Phillies rotation has a 2.22 ERA since the deadline. That’s tied for the fourth-best ERA in baseball.
  • The offense is averaging just 3.13 runs per game, which is 25th.
  • The Phillies bullpen has a 1.45 ERA since July 29, which is the third-best mark in baseball and the second-best mark in the National League.
  • Opponents have hit .179 against the bullpen in those 16 appearances, which is the second-best mark in baseball and best mark in the league.
  • Chase Utley has a .491 slugging percentage, which is his best mark since 2009. It’s a small sample size — it’s just 114 at-bats — but it’s encouraging.
  • Domonic Brown is hitting .292 with two doubles, two RBIs, three walks and one strikeout. Same thing — small sample size (24 at-bats) — but it’s still encouraging.

Small sample sizes


And the Big Piece is coming around as well. Just ask Tim Hudson.

So Todd, what is your point? Ruin Tomorrow Jr. is doing a good job of rearranging the deck chairs on the U.S.S, Phillies after he has already steered the ship into the ice berg? Which begs the question, what was a cabin boy doing at the helm in the first place?

I think Todd is just trying to give us something positive about the team at this point in the season when things aren’t really going so well. Plus maybe some of player improvements (i.e. Dom Brown) will carry over to next season.

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