Aumont? De Fratus? Cloyd? September Call Ups’s Jake Kaplan took a look yesterday at some of the potential September call-ups for the Phillies.

Read his story here.

I think of the guys currently on the 40-man roster Justin De Fratus, Phillippe Aumont, Jake Diekman and Joe Savery are the most likely to be called up next month. De Fratus certainly would have been with the Phillies this season, but he had an elbow injury. He is back and throwing well. Aumont is dominant when he throws strikes. The Phillies want to get a look at him. Of course, Diekman and Savery have been with the team this season. The Phillies like Diekman a lot, but they will like him a lot more if he improves his command.

I only see Sebastian Valle coming up if Carlos Ruiz finishes the season on the DL.

Not sure Cesar Hernandez gets called up.

Tyler Cloyd? This is the guy I hear about constantly on Twitter and e-mail. Cloyd, who isn’t on the 40-man roster, is 11-1 with a 2.12 ERA in 19 starts with Triple-A Lehigh Valley. He’s been great all season, but it’s safe to say the Phillies and other talent evaluators in baseball aren’t as enamored with Cloyd as fans are. I haven’t heard of any teams beating down the Phillies’ door to acquire him, and doesn’t list Cloyd among the organization’s top 20 prospects. (That list is compiled through interviews with numerous baseball personnel people.)

Why isn’t Cloyd a top prospect? Simply put, he doesn’t have great stuff. He throws in the 85-89 mph range, which means he has to have pinpoint command to be successful. The Phillies must not believe his abilities to get out Triple-A hitters will translate to the big leagues. It’s the only way to explain why they chose a bullpen game over pitching him June 27. (I still maintain that was a mistake. Maybe Cloyd catches lightning in a bottle for one night. Raul Valdes and the rest of the bullpen were struggling at the time. Almost everybody in the park knew what would happen, and it did.)

Charlie Manuel said Wednesday he wasn’t sure if Kyle Kendrick would make his next start, but he quickly added he didn’t think he had too many other options. I’m really not sure which way the Phillies will go. But you can make a case for Cloyd to get a shot. I mean, maybe he can get out big-league hitters. Besides, what have you got to lose? If he makes a few starts in September, he struggles and the Phillies lose, so what? At least you know for sure. But if he comes up and does well … hey, isn’t that a nice little surprise? Maybe then he’s in the mix next season to get a spot start here or there.

Talent evaluation in baseball isn’t an exact science. If it were the Dodgers would have never let Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth go, Chase Utley wouldn’t have lasted until the 15th pick in the 2000 draft, Ryan Howard wouldn’t have lasted until the fifth round in 2001, Cole Hamels wouldn’t have lasted until the 17th pick in 2002, Juan Pierre wouldn’t have waited until late January to sign a Minor League contract, the Phillies wouldn’t have let Ryan Vogelsong and Jason Grilli go, they would have promoted Brandon Moss last season instead of trading for John Bowker and they wouldn’t have entered the previous two seasons betting on Ben Francisco and John Mayberry Jr. to be everyday players.

Every team has their hits and misses in player evaluation. That’s just the way it is.

One thing to keep in mind: Minor League numbers don’t mean everything. And sometimes they don’t mean anything. Fans thought the Phillies were crazy for not promoting Matt Rizzotti the last couple years. The Phillies traded him to the Twins in March, and the Twins released him a short time later. He’s now with the A’s. I remember Joe Roa went 14-0 with a 1.86 ERA in 17 starts with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in 2002. Fans had a similar reaction then. How can they not call up Roa? The Phillies finally did. Roa went 4-4 with a 4.04 ERA in 14 appearances (11 starts) in 2002, but he returned to earth and went 0-2 with a 6.05 ERA in six appearances in 2003 before the Phillies released him.

Maybe Cloyd is a younger version of Roa. Or maybe he’s a guy that can be a good option as a fifth starter. The only way to find out is by pitching him. Maybe the Phillies will give him that chance before the end of the season.


I absolutely want to see Cloyd get a chance. I saw him pitch earlier this year. Yes, you’re right. His velo isn’t anything to right home about and his stuff isn’t special but he’s getting hitters out and his location is on much more often than not. Will it translate to the ML level? The Phils won’t know unless they try and September is the perfect time to test him out (after the Pigs season ends, of course).

I remember another pitcher the Phillies had – his fastball was around the same speed as Cloyd’s. This pitcher has 269 career wins. People are always enamored with numbers in terms of speed, but you really never know until you try.

He can’t be any worse than Kendrick and if he is at this point what difference does it make.. Give the guy a chance.

I assume you never watched Maddux pitch then. This guy was 93-94 for years with the Cubs and Braves.

Never saw Greg Maddux hit 90 on a radar gun… he seemed to have a pretty decent career…

He needs to be called up for the reason you said, find out what you have now while the games don’t mean anything. I rather find out now than sometime next year when it matters (hopefully the Phils are better next year and will be competing) Don’t forget, Vance Worley wasn’t a highly regarded prospect either and he seems to be getting it done. Also, maybe he comes up and has a little success. That will only increase his value and maybe he can be used as a small piece in a trade.

Can his velocity be any worse than Kyle Kendrick? Kendrick won games because he got great run support.

Maybe Ruin should go against the grain. After all what have any of his sure things on whom he has heaped a ton of money done for the Phillies? On another note, over on the MLB site on a story about Aumont, it is noted that he is limited to relief work if called up because he only has two pitches. Really? 2 pitches? The Phillies could not have been working on a third pitch for the three years he has been in the Phillies system? WTF? Come on Montgomery, you need a new water carrier!

d ruff?


Ruf REA 1B 114 393 73 122 29 1 23 72 .310

Pherris: We get it! You don’t like the Phils front office.Give it a rest.

karen62, I am sorry that your shallow mind might not be able to caught the depth at what I am driving at. But, when pom-pom girls are needed I will keep you in mind.

Cool. Angry Troll is now Sexist Troll. Good times…

Weinus thinks with his(you know). I just checked at it looks like the Frillies are on pace to win 73 games. I think Phan52 was saying “don’t give up” a couple of days ago. Well discretion being the better part of valor……

Pherris: You made my day calling me a Pom-Pom girl especially since I’m 12 days away from turning 50:-)!!

50? Wow, do you have your parents permission to post here or are we going to jail?

Weinus, that doesn’t even make sense. have you completely lost it?

Let’s not kid ourselves over Cloyd, but there is no good reason not to reward him for a good season. Worley could be shut down (and get surgery sooner than later), and Kendrick can go to the pen.

Tyson Gillies would be a no-brainer with our outfield in flux. It seems he’s wasted an excellent opportunity to showcase himself (like Michael Bourn did for the Phillies–he was soon after traded to the Astros, made an all-star game and will get a 60mil+ contract as a free agent).

In his post-game interview with Chase Utley tonight, Gregg Murphy said, “you’re far from out of it.” I wonder if that sentiment came from the Phillies’ front office or from inside of Murphy’s head?
Is the feeling around CBP that they can still “make a run?” Or was that just silly sentiment after an emotional win?

Roy Halladay is baaaack! Never a doubt.

Yeah, right, he is back. Back to what, mediocrity? Act now and send us your check for $20 million and you too can be mediocre! Signed – Ruin Tommorrow Junior and his Traveling Salvation Show with a disabled body assist from Mr. Magoo.

Yeah, that outing by Doc was totally mediocre. 8 innings, 2 hits, 0 BB, 8 K’s. Your a clown. Either you are just stupid or you are a contrarian who chooses to take opposing positions to push buttons.
I’m going with stupid.

At this point we know what we have in Kendrick, and it’s clear he’s better as a bullpen piece. Let’s find out what we have in Cloyd.

fist of all, get off the BS sexist remarks. Everyone here has their opinion of RAJ and Charlie. Good or bad, we try to keep it civil–we’re all Phans (In hope) except for then idiot Brave fans trying to find a fan base since they don’t have one.

As for Cloud-maybe he’s Moyer, maybe he’s Bystom, maybe he’s nothing. The great thing about this year (the only good thing) is we have nothing to lose by giving him a start or 3. Same with the other minor leaguers. Sit Howard, Utley, ROllins Worley in Sept. Let the rookies play and see what they got. Its not like we’re going to be playing in Oct this year in any case

oops, that’s Cloyd, (Before someone corrects my bad typing)

Yeah, let’s get off the sexist remarks

Yes, one good outing by Doc is the be all to end all.

Nice to see Pierre get a walk-off hit. For some reason I like how he plays particularly as bunter and base runner (of course he got thrown out today!). Doc definitely looked like Doc. Lee’s season on the other hand has been a mystery. At times he’s been brilliant yet has had no offense to back him up. I agree that it would make this otherwise disappointing season interesting to see some minor leaguers called up and see how they do.

Weird win. Not a lot of hitting and some dicey defense usually ends up in another desultory loss. Kratz is their best hitter right now so I guess he’s channeling Chooch.

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