Shut Down Worley? Not In Phils’ Plans

Passing this along because I’ve been asked constantly about it …

Vance Worley is pitching with a bone chip in his right elbow and is 2-3 with a 5.73 ERA in eight starts since the end of June.

So, naturally, a lot of fans have been asking if the Phillies could shut down Worley the remainder of the season, despite the fact Worley maintains the injury is not a factor in his recent struggles. The school of thought is Worley could have a surgical procedure to remove the bone chips and begin his road to recovery sooner rather than later.

But the Phillies said there has been no discussion about that.

“My understanding is the issue isn’t going to take a whole offseason to recover from,” assistant general manager Scott Proefrock said. “As long as he can still pitch and there’s not a risk of him hurting himself … and from everything I understand there’s no issue there. He’s pitched some good games, he’s pitched some bad games. You’ve got to remember last year was his first time around. The second time around you’ve got to make adjustments. My impression is (Worley’s struggles) are not related to the issue.

“I haven’t been involved in any discussions whatsoever with shutting him down.”

One thing worth noting: Cole Hamels pitched with a bone chip last season, had surgery in the offseason and was throwing well before spring training started.


Why not brng up Tyler Cloyd and see what he has

What do you hear about bringing up Tyler Cloyd who is 14 and 1?

So, they’re not shutting down Worley and Charlie said he’s keeping Kendrick in the rotation. That means it’s business as usual while their young pitchers rot in the minor leagues. The mind boggles.
How are they ever going to find out if they can get big league hitters out? Oh — they won’t.

What do you expect with a trio of idiot savants in charge?

muleman, what young pitchers are “rotting” in the minor leagues? I think they should give Cloyd a chance as we speak, but he started the season in AA and has made steady, normal progress through the system throughout his professional career. I don’t see him or anybody “rotting”. And BTW, look what happened to the bullpen guys who were brought up before their time out of necessity. Not pretty.

We don’t know, do we? Their minor league system seems to be a marketing tool for towns like Allentown and Reading. Meanwhile, Polanco comes off the DL, Luna and Martinez come up (and go down and come up), and we continue to see Kendrick. If they are ever going to fulfill Ruben’s promise to “get younger” they will never do it by continuing to recall tired old players who we already know about.
I see other teams fast-track players while the Phillies talk about them needing “another year in triple-A.” There has been no turnover plan. To the extent that they had to acquire Nix, Thome and Wigginton. Develop some players!

We have tried lots of minor leaguers in the bullpen this year and no one has dazzled. There must be a reason no one is asking for Cloyd.

look for the younguns to come up for a couple of weeks in Sept. Not before.

the Cloyd situation is problamatic.bring up too early and destroy his building confidence, let him sit, show that we have no faith. Since Worly needs surgery, I would bring him up with the understanding that he’s only a fill in, scheduled to go back to AAA next year. If he is lights out, and has a good spring, we can always keep him in rotation.

Todd, do you see the Tyler Cloyd, getting Tyler Cloyd sometime Tyler Cloyd? Or would the Tyler Cloyd just Tyler Cloyd until next Tyler Cloyd?

Nice to see Mike Lieberthal put on the Phillies Wall of Fame. At least this year he was a deserving candidate.

why do we keep bring up guys who throw in the 90’s and can’t get anybody out while Tyler Cloyd (15-1) remains in the minors b/c he doesn’t throw 90?????

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