How Much Will Polanco Play?

Placido Polanco knows his schedule for the next few days.

After that, it’s anybody’s guess.

He planned to drive to Clearwater, Fla., following today’s series finale against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. He will begin a rehab assignment tomorrow with Class A Clearwater, playing six innings in the field. He will DH on Friday, play nine innings in the field Saturday and fly to Philadelphia on Sunday.

He expects to be activated from the 15-day disabled list Monday. Polanco has been on the DL since July 23 because of lower back inflammation. He said he feels 100 percent, although he has some lingering tightness.

“I don’t feel anything that I had, the pinching, the strain,” he said.

Polanco said he believes he can play every day upon his return.

“I expect to be the everyday third baseman, but what I expect and what is going to happen could be two different things,” he said.

Charlie Manuel said earlier this week it is unlikely Polanco can play every day because of his back. Kevin Frandsen also has played well at third base. He entered today’s series finale hitting .315 with one home run and two RBIs. But Polanco is a superior defensive third baseman, and certainly Phillies pitchers would like to see him on the field.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Polanco said. “I just want to be healthy for whatever. If he plays me he plays me. If not …”


Is there much of a point in letting Polly start before he walks this offseason? Does Frandsen have a shot at making the roster next season if the Phils like him these next few months?

Thank you Roy Halladay for another stellar performance today. We knew you couldn’t be counted on to stop a losing streak and now it appears you can’t be counted on to extend a modest winning streak. Way to go. Of course it was a performance marred by only one bad pitch except there is a bad pitch in every game in which you play. Imagine that!

Are you talking about the Roy Halladay that’s 46-23 since joining the Phillies? The Roy Halladay that threw a perfect game and a no-hitter in the same year for the Phillies? The Roy Halladay that won a Cy Young award with the Phillies? The Roy Halladay that’ gone to two All-Star games with the Phillies? Do I need to keep going?

That Roy Halladay?

17 complete games and 5 shutouts with the Phillies too.

Consider the source.

That is the fellow, the one who disappears when he is needed most.

Halladay did his job, though it wasn’t an “Ace-worthy” game. The bullpen, however, showed why we need 5 starters who can pitch 35 complete games a year each

Halladay did his job? Does that include giving up the go-ahead home run in the bottom of the very same inning in which the Phillies had tied the score? Same old story with this guy.

pherrisphain: Just out of curiosity since you have nothing but negative criticisms about this team that you say you are a fan of, what do you like?? (I know this has been a miserable season and there is much criticism for the team not playing to it’s potential).

So stating the facts is negative. Roy Halladay gives up the go ahead run via home run and I am suppose to be happy? What is he getting paid to do? Of course allow one of the Phillies lesser lights to stumble and the Pope weighs in and pontificates.

They could go 162-0 and he’d bitch about something! LOL

For phan52 and other bandwagon fans, I remember the Phillies after Ruly Carpenter took over in the early 1970s. He built a great team, won multiple division titles, went to 2 WS and won one. Of course by the time of the second WS appearance in 1983, Ruly was gone. But it was the residue of his team which made it that year. Ruly got out due to the costs. The new ownership group headed by Bill Giles took the Phillies back into the wilderness except for catching lightening in a bottle in 1993, probably from a crew which owes its success as much to PEDs as anything else. The Phillies construct a team the old fashion way culminating in the 2008 WS. They have talent and they have money. Why wouldn’t one expect them to rise to the top every several years? Enter Ruin Tomorrow Jr. who appears to be doing his best to provide that the Phillies succeed. Except it is now apparent his best is not up to the task. In short, he is a bonehead. Every year during Ruins tenure the Phillies have slid further from the brass ring. The facts speak for themselves. One thing Ruin has provided is the end of sell outs. The money chicken is about to be choked. Thank you, Ruin.

Five straight division titles, two pennants and a WS win. But pherris wants guarantees and Roy Halladay is a bum.
I suggest he play MLB 12 on Playstation since he doesn’t live in the real world.

Don’t worry, Pope, you are still the go too expert on home games.

pherris: It’s “lightning,” and I don’t know who these bandwagon fans are that you refer to, but I went to my first game in 1964, so KMA.

It’s a different world than the one that Ruly came from. Giles bought the team for $32.5 million, and it’s worth more than $720 million now, according to Forbes. That’s your “money chicken,” and I suspect that you’re an expert on choking it.
When the TV deal expires in 2015, that should push the value to over $1 billion. They’ll win enough to keep the fans (except maybe you) interested and coming through the gates at their party palace (CBP) and that’s all that matters.
Whether or not you go to games or just sit at home and complain is up to you.

If it frustrates you as much as it seems to, I suggest you take up watching movies or find some music you enjoy, because I don’t see much changing over the next 3 years – give or take a manager or two.

Wow, 1964? What took you so long to hop aboard?

a pitcher who goes 7 and gives up 3 runs did his job. As I said, it wasn’t the outing of an Ace, but he didn’t lose the game for us-the bullpen did.
I agree that RAJ has not done a good job of maintaining the team from the ’08 WS. He has too big a love of high profile pitchers, and overpays for top players on wrong side of 30. However, the basic assumption of the GM, and everyone else, needs to be that the players show up to play. If RAJ had spent $7-$10 million on a 1B to replace Howard for the first part of the year, he wouldn’t have been able to sign Wiggy, or Nix, both of whom have done what they are paid to do. Did anyone expect such lousy seasons from Victorino, Pense, Polanco, Lee, the entire bullpen? Did anyone know that Doc would get hurt, or that utley would be lame for half a year, again? IF the team assembled in off season, even without Howard had played from April, at 85% of their abilities, we’d be running away with division again.

Next season and the off season are going to be very interesting. First to see what new players are acquired to for all the openings (3rd, outfield, bullpen). Also to see if this season was just a hiccup that occurred for a variety of reasons and how the rest of the division goes especially the Nats.

The other players have man up. Rollins, for example, disgraced himself yesterday by not running out a ground ball and should have been benched on the spot. Anybody who wants to blame Halladay for any of the Phillies problems this season is an idiot.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Phillies are over .500 in the games this season with Doc on the roster (even with all the other injuries), and well under .500 when he was on the DL. Doc gives them more than just innngs. He sets the tone. If he hadn’t got hurt they would be right in the middle of it.

Rollins’ attitude is so accepted that it wasn’t mentioned in the Inquirer game story or notes. If he is in the lineup tonight, the team surely has lost its way.

Nevermind pherris – he clearly has nothing better to do then troll the comments section, quote obscure statistics and names from the 70’s and 80’s, and misspell lightning. Something to consider – every year since 08 the Phillies have lost to the team that eventually won the WS, it just so happens that they’ve hit those teams earlier.

I know what the K stands for, keep shooting your mouth off and remove all doubt. Obscure names from the 70’s and 80’s? Are you a baseball fan?

Pherris is appalled by Halladay’s performance, but not Rollins.

Apparently, after you hit a homerun to win a game you don’t have to hustle down the line the next day. An unwritten rule of baseball to be sure.

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