Manuel, J-Roll Talk About Hustle

Jimmy Rollins said he regretted not running hard down the first-base line in the sixth inning yesterday in Miami.

“Sure,” he said in front of his locker today at Miller Park.

But Charlie Manuel pulled Rollins into his office several hours before their game against the Brewers to discuss two plays in yesterday’s 9-2 loss to the Marlins at Marlins Park: plays noticed in the dugout and back home in Philadelphia. The first play came in the sixth inning on a ground out. The second play came in the eighth inning when it appeared Rollins did not try to break up a double play.

“We have two rules,” Manuel said. “Hustle and be on time. We’ll see. That’s all I have to say. That’s between Jimmy and me. I don’t want it blown up real big. What I tell him is between him and I.

“He should be running hard from now on. We’ll see.”

Rollins explained both plays.

On the sixth-inning ground out, he said, “I was just upset before I even got up there. I was already out of it. Mentally just upset.”

He wouldn’t elaborate on what happened before the at-bat.

“It’s nothing to be talked about,” he said. “It’s not an excuse.”

On appearing to give up on the double-play ball, he said, “That’s what it looks like, but if you look at it in baseball terms, if the ball is hit in front of you, the rule is don’t let the second baseman tag you. You see Chase (Utley tag out runners) all the time. You have to make the second baseman throw the ball either to second or first. It’s a baseball thing.”

This is not the first time Manuel has spoken to Rollins about a lack of hustle. He has been pulled him from games and scratched him from the starting lineup in the past. But the Phillies know they have to take the good with the bad with Rollins, even thought it has irritated some teammates in the clubhouse this season. Rollins remains one of the best defensive shortstops in baseball. His .724 OPS ranks 11th out of 24 qualifying shortstops in baseball.

He will not run hard on occasion, but Manuel said Rollins is far from the only player who does it.

“I see a lot of guys in baseball, 75 to 80 percent of them don’t run at times,” Maneul said. “I’ve seen MVPs. I’ve seen all kinds of stuff. There’s no sense in singling out one guy. Every time I watch a game I see it. But at the same time, that gets old after a while. You don’t have to accept it.”

Of course, Manuel could have pulled Rollins from Wednesday’s game, but he didn’t. He could have benched him for Thursday’s game, but he didn’t.

He said he thought about doing both.

“After talking to him, I think he’s ready to play,” Manuel said. “I don’t need to go into big old detail about that. That’s between him and I. If you want to find out something, then go somewhere else. I’ll handle it. And if I don’t handle it, that’s my fault.

“Everybody is going to hustle. That’s my job. That’s for the integrity of baseball. That’s for respect for the manager, the players and the organization. Everything. No matter who you are.”

And why not just run hard every play during the season?

“You’ll end up breaking down, just the wear and tear on your body,” Rollins said. “Why do people do a lot of things? It’s just the way it is. It’s like, if you’re a pitcher why don’t you throw every ball at 95 mph? Sometimes it’s not going to happen. Hustle doesn’t take talent, but there are other things that go on that sometimes you just get upset about.”


Poor excuse.his attitude has to go. He is getting paid very well. You can not get a free pass all the time.

Rollins seldom runs hard. He obviously feels its okay based on his comment about pitchers not throwing 95 all the time. What a lame comparison. Run hard or get rid of him..if Charlie doesn’t make him run hard then get rid of Charlie.

That’s a lame excuse….about as bad as he is at rolling over on every outside pitch. That tells me he doesn’t respect the game, the manager, the team, the organization, or the fans. He doesn’t have the hunger. I guarantee if you bring up a young 20 something prospect he’s going to bust his tail and run hard every play

I can only think that Jimmy had a lapse of judgement. I don’t think he wanted to look foolish on the field, as it’s easy to spot.

I like Rollins a whole lot, always have. He’s done this before a few times though, he needs to keep thinking how lucky he is to be out there on that field and making a living playing baseball.

He probably deserved the night off tonight, but he gets a pass for now. We’ll be watching the hustle. They used to call him J-Hustle, so maybe he can live up to his nickname.

When was he ever called J-Hustle? Supply references.

Don’t ever recall Pete Rose breaking down from “wear & tear”………..

J-Stroll was never J-Hustle.

Age is the only thing that caught Rose . . . and the commissioner.

Its time to get rid of John Nepotism Jr.

What’s Charlie’s penalty for falling asleep behind the wheel?

Manuel says, “I played him because I wanted to win the game.” Win the game? If that’s the case he should have batting from 6th down all year.

use spell check dude.

Start sentences with caps.

He has been on a steady decline since his MVP Year. He has the natural ability to be the best SS to ever play the position for the Phillies, but….
He probably needs to go elsewhere and refocus.

I would pay money to watch Hunter Pence run out a ground ball and the same with Juan Pierre.

Jimmy Rollins has the ability to be the best Phillies shortstop ever? He is the best Phillies shortstop ever. The sad part is he could have been even better if he had applied himself more.

On pure talent and ability, yes Rollins is the best. But if I’m starting a team (TEAM) and I need a shortstop, I’m taking Bowa.

JRoll (or anybody, for that matter) has to run out ground balls because so many different things can happen. It’s one of the first things you learn in Little League. Plus he has plenty of opportunities to just jog down the line after all his popups from the left side.

You fools are still wasting your time following this group of losers? How happy are Victorino and Pence to get off this sunken ship? You couldn’t even GIVE away Lee. Karma is a b****. God truly is a Yankee fan, and Phillie truly is a garbage can. Eat it alllllllll.

Hmm, yeah. Pence is hitting .177 in San Francisco. The Phillies traded away two guys who don’t play the game the right way.

Victorino didn’t play the right way? Pretty sure he was a big part of the 5 straight division titles.

thirst: Not sure which team you were watching. Victorino was possibly the dumbest player they’ve ever had.

The Phillies knucklehead factor went way down when they got rid of Victorino and Pence. Talented players, but total blockheads.

Guess that grand slam against Sabathia in the 2008 NLDS was dumb. And all the balls he tracked down in those 5 years with subpar left and right fielders was dumb too.

You’re right. He didn’t do anything to help them win.

I suggest you go back and look at his sloppy play in CF in the NLDS against the Cardinals. A good argument can be made he cost them two games, including setting up the winning run in game 5..His baserunning as always been hit or miss, which ouldn’t be for a guy with his speed.
He’s a dope and Pence has some of the worst at-bats I’ve ever seen from a MLB veteran. Time to move on.

Pope, you do have the knack for rationalization. I can hardly wait for your critique of Roy Halladay after 2013, when he will most deservedly be Phillies history.

What are you going to do or say when Roy Halladay is back competing for another Cy Young award in 2013?
You are as shortsighted about baseball as the idiot Braves fans who troll around here. I suggest you stay over on their board, where you are in your element.

Thanks for the backup. Reminds me of when they traded Abreu and most fans said, “Geez, how can you trade away .300 average and that OBP?” They went on to become a more cohesive team. I was disappointed in Pence. I thought he would be the spark, but it turns out he wasn’t ready for the spotlight.
At this point, I’m just looking forward to 2013.

And he was the one that gave up the four run lead in Game 2 I guess.

Pence was a major disappointment. I couldn’t believe what a knuckleheaded outfielder he was. Victorino drove me nuts also at times, but he at least you could see he has much potential at times. I always liked his energy and speed on the base path. Yes the grandslam against CC was a memorable moment however the best at bat against him was Brett Myers. Yes, I know we’ve been in the cellar most of the season but to see us 20 games back was oh so strange.

Victorino gave 100% all the times he was “in” the game. Problem was he was asleep 15% of the time, and had no baseball IQ. All said, though, he will be missed. He was a spark that will need to be replaced. Pence was just out to lunch. He went from palying for Houston where he was the best, and no one dared critise to Phila where he has not in the top 4 and where the fans expect 100$ effort if nothing else.

Looking forward to 2013 as well when Doc, Lee, Cole and Worley are back to normal, Howard can actually use his leg, Utley isn’t on DL for entire 1st half, and someone lights fire under JStroll. Hoping Brown, and whomever else man the OF are up to it and we find a 3B and a bullpen somewhere. Looks like our bench will be good with Wiggy, Nix, Kratz, Pierre, and Galvis. Nice hitting/fielding combo there.

Now, if they’ll only dump RAJ for a GM who understands how to build a team for the future we’ll be in business

The Phillies Knucklehead Factor. Love it. The Pope can really pontificate a phrase. Except the Knucklehead Triplets are still in charge.

There’s only one Pope, and that would be Paul Owens. But if you want to continue to put me in the company of the best executive the Phillies ever had, I’m fine with it. Thanks for the props.

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