Papelbon Shines In Four-Out Save

Jonathan Papelbon looked fantastic pitching a four-out save last night.

He certainly seemed amped before, during and afterward.

Papelbon struck out three in 1 1/3 innings in a 4-3 victory over the Brewers at Miller Park. He threw 15 pitches (13 strikes). He also threw three sliders and one splitter to keep Brewers hitters guessing. A first-pitch slider for a strike to Brewers first baseman Corey Hart started the ninth and set up the rest of the inning because the Brewers now had to worry about the slider and not just the fastball.

Papelbon has been throwing his slider a bit more recently for just that reason.

Asked why the Phillies chose to have Papelbon pitch a four-out save Saturday – the Phillies also had a four-out save situation Thursday but the Phillies chose Josh Lindblom instead – Manuel said it made sense because Papelbon had not pitched since Tuesday in Miami.

“He had rest,” he said. “I liked where we were at in the game. I liked the matchup. Like I said the other night, Papelbon when we bring him in we can’t be getting him four-out situations and a big amount of pitches because that kills him for two or three days. How many pitches did he throw? 15? OK, yeah. He’s fine for tomorrow.

“He was good. His stuff was good.”


Oh my GOD! And his arm didn’t fall off?

Maybe it is about time for Kyle Kendrick to school Halladay and Lee on how to win games. He could start with emphasizing how gopher balls are neither a team’s nor a pitcher’s best friend. It is revelatory how a team responds when a pitcher is not giving up the long ball. And, Ruin and Charlie, please find another solution to the Phillies pitching problems other than jerking around Kyle again by putting him back into the bullpen. If he hasn’t earned a starting role for at least several more games, who has?

Kendrick has responded well to being jerked around. He hasn’t said a word about being yanked between the bullpen and starting. He’s a good soldier, and I like him. On a team with 3 high-level starters, I’d hope there’s a place for him. If Worley is healthy going into 2013, I’d think that their starting rotation is the least of their worries.

I agree. Kyle has the unsettling tendency of inconsistently – he is either an “A” or a “F”. But that is fine for a 5th starter. When he’s good – he is pretty good. Hopefully the front office is starting to get a line of what they need (and who they don’t need) for next season. I still think at least one more good arm in the BP, plus an outfielder that can hit with power should be at the top of their list.

How do we know if Kyle Kendrick can be consistent if he has not been given the opportunity to do so?. Ruin needs to just man up and admit he has written off the season, put Kendrick in the rotation and allow the chips to fall where they may.

The issue isn’t whether KK is a qualified 5th starter-of course he is. THe question is are any of the kids in the minors ready for the big leagues and is there a better swing man in the organization then Kyle. FOr the past two years we haven’t had to bring up a AAA guy for spot starts, even with injuries, because KK was able to do them, and was good in the pen as well. I like him as the 6th starter-just as in Basketball your 6th man could actually be a starter-we have the same thing with KK. Love the depth is offfers

Pro sports in general no longer allows young players to fail as a learning tool anymore. Imagine if Mike Schmidt came up in 2012 instead of 1972??? He’d be buried in AAA forever or traded for a prospect! There is value in failure and there needs to be that opportunity in order to weed out the weak minded. You can’t function when you fear having one bad at bat or game knowing that you might not play again because of it. There is a long list of Philadelphia athletes that went on to greener pastures because they were not given the chance to work through things without being benched or run out of town by fans/media.

For the life of me, I can’t think of one athlete ran out of town by the fans/media other than Scott Rolen or Dick Allen maybe but that wasn’t for failure on the field in either case.

randel Cunningham? Kolb?

Pay attention. The fans/media did not run either of these guys out of town.

Hey weinus. Braves @ Nats only has 21K in attendance tonite. Half your payroll, and still 20 games ahead of the frillies. Still think anyone gives a ratsass about attendance?

I can name a dozen Flyers run out of town by the fans/media.

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