It’s Pence Bobble Head Night’s Jake Kaplan has an interesting note on tonight being Hunter Pence bobble headed night, despite the fact he has been traded.

When you think about it, what in the world are going to do with 45,000 Pence bobble heads? Might as well give them away.


My two cents: I’ve got to say I think it’s absolutely crazy fans cheer Wilson Valdez like a former National League MVP while somebody like Greg Dobbs, who was one of the best pinch-hitters in baseball for a period and helped the Phillies win the 2008 World Series, hears boos. If anything both should hear cheers or get no reaction at all. I mean, Valdez had a nice season for a utility infielder in 2010 (.667 OPS). Dobbs had a .780 OPS in 2007 and an .824 OPS in 2008.


May be Pence bobblehead night but nothing beats this fathead-esque piece of memorabilia (relish the auto-tune):

I agree Dobbs played a huge role in our success

Uh, Greg Dobbs never got a W on the mound and also had two hits (IIRC) in that same game, nor has he yet come back to hurt the Phils.

I meant nor has Valdez come back to hurt the Phils as Dobbs has in a few games.

Simple fan psychology, Valdez was not brought back while he still was in the glow of a pretty good season: big hits with runners on base and that iconic pitching performance. While Dobbs had a horrible last year with the team, so that’s all he’s remembered for. I think Harvey Dent said it best : “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

yeah but dobbs never pitched a win

Battle of the Bench Players!!!

I don’t think any former Phills should get booed when the come back with their new teams to play the Phills. Unless there is reason that they deserve to be booed.

It was Larry Jones Bobble-head Night in Atlanta last Thursday. The left-overs are going to air-dropped to the folks in the hollows along with their new teeth.

there aren’t any Larry Wayne Jones leftovers. They’re not stupid enough to order up more than 15,000 or so.

Maybe Valdez gets cheered because he was fun to watch and an overall oddity. Maybe Dobbs gets booed because he’s boring as hell.

My granddaughter Rose is at the game tonight with her dad to see her favorite player, but he’s know longer there. She will however be delighted with her bobblehead of him. I wish him well along with my Shane.

If Kevien .Frandsen continues to hit he should be seriously considered st thrid base next yeaar.. maybe he haas found his stroke.. he has always
hit .300 in the minors

It’s all about the epic night when Valdez pitched the win.

Frandsen should be considered aas an everyday player if he keeps hittoing like this.. he has been a .300 hitter in the minors and iss hitting better thann he ever has..Holliday may have to be put on the disabled list

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