Werth Doesn’t Take Back E-Mail, But Forgives and Forgets

Jayson Werth smiled and shook his head this afternoon when a reporter reminded him about the e-mail.

“You say the damndest things when you’re lying in a hospital bed post-op,” he said. “They’ve got some pretty good medicine. But I don’t necessarily take back what I said.”

Werth played for the Phillies from 2007-10, helping them win the 2008 World Series, 2009 National League pennant and four National League East championships. But Phillies fans have been booing him since he signed a seven-year, $126 million deal with the Nationals in Dec. 2010.

He said some of those fans crossed the line May 6 when they jeered and mocked him after he broke his left wrist during a game at Nationals Park. Werth had surgery May 7 at the Mayo Clinic, and almost immediately sent an e-mail to The Washington Post. In it he wrote, “After walking off the field feeling nauseous knowing my wrist was broke and hearing Philly fans yelling ‘You deserve it,’ and, ‘That’s what you get,’ I am motivated to get back quickly and see to it personally those people never walk down Broad Street in celebration again.”

Werth said today he has cooled off completely since he fired off the e-mail. He also said he contacted some of his former teammates and members of the Phillies organization soon after the e-mail hit the Internet.

“It was a few guys I have a world’s worth of respect for,” Werth said. “I contacted them and said, hey, no disrespect. I explained the situation.”

Werth wouldn’t say, but those conversations probably went something like this: It’s not you, it’s those fans in the stands that heckled me.

“You go through something like that. You’re pretty bent out of shape about the way it went,” said Werth, who was one of the most respected and well-liked players in the Phillies clubhouse while he was in Philadelphia. “As time goes on you don’t feel as strongly. I’ve definitely been contacted by a lot of people from Philadelphia, fans I’ve come to know and love over the years. They’ve reached out to me. For what it’s worth, you learn to forgive and forget.

“I’ll finish that with saying that I would not give back any of my time I spent here in Philadelphia. They were some of the most sacred years of my life. There is a mutual respect for this town and these people, and especially those guys over there (in the Phillies dugout).”


Best beard ever, love you & miss you Jayson!

Too bad he got hurt, but he’s a little thin-skinned, IMO.
It’s not like he was the most phan-friendly guy when he was here. He was always kind of aloof anyway, so he’s not missed in that way at all.

I am a 59yr old man and was born.bred and still reside in the most historic city in our nation.Philadelphia.I haven’t an ounce of respect for any fan that will boo a player just because he decided to leave after his contract expires.These act like they wouldn’t leave their job if they were offered significantly more money by a competitor.
Fans that boo anyone or applaud the fact a player/person was injured is at best a damn idiot.

Bill…it’s not that he left after his contract was up…it was his attitude as he left town. It’s the same reason Scott Rolen gets boo’d every time he comes back to town.

What attitude? And it’s not the same as Rolen. Rolen wasn’t part of a team that won a World Series. The Rolen thing was entirely different. Werth had no attitude. He merely took the best offer and left. Where’s the attitude?

well said Bill. I wish Jayson a speedy recovery and a great career. I loved to see him in a Philly uniform and was sad to see him go. I cringe and wish all speedy recovery whenever I see a player hurt..no matter the team or sport..

Jayson should know that anyone who supposedly said those things at that time are not a representative of true Phillies fans, both individually and as a whole, so I am disappointed he would say that. A few drunk idiots does not a fanbase make.

Exactly, Doreen!! Y’know, he did a few shitty things while he was here (like cussing out the guy who caught the foul ball in front of the guy’s kid), but at the time it was just accepted as part of his bad boy persona. Over time, though, he’s looking more and more like a jerk. This was a great chance for him to back off of that nasty email and he didn’t at all…

I hope all of those who have something against Werth for getting all he could get on the open market keep it in mind when going to the polls in November and think about Mittens Romney who got all he could get under the table and off shore without driving in one run or making one spectacular defensive play.

I’m with Jason on this one….those Philly Phans in DC that night that booed and jeered him coming off the field crossed the line.

Werth wears a Washington Nationals uniform. Sooo…..booooooooo….

How appropriately shallow.

I just watched the top of the 6th, from that game on May 6, and I didn’t hear any booing or jeering. Every team has it’s hooligans, but this wasn’t most phans, thankfully.

There was definitely booing, tonight. And I don’t think he’s “completely cooled off”. You could see a little *attitude*, as he heard those boos, after striking out.
I thank him, for his contribution to our championship team. But I always thought he was a bit of a jerk, with a big head.

You have to have a big head in order to succeed in professional sports. You can’t go in thinking that someone is better than you. That’s the part that fans don’t understand.

He’s a Gnat. boooooo

Kyle “The Man” Kendrick.

Thanks for the help tonight Frillies. Who would of expected it out of your team this year, but the Braves will take it.

I think Braves idiots should worry a little more about keeping a wild card.

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