Cloyd Gets His Shot

Cole Hamels is sick (gastrointestinal illness), so Tyler Cloyd will make his big-league debut tonight against the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park.

Yes, it’s happening.

I’ve received countless tweets and e-mails for weeks asking about Cloyd and when the Phillies would give him a shot. Clearly, the Phillies weren’t in as big a rush to promote Cloyd as fans, who mostly only know him from his numbers. But they are impressive numbers. He is 12-1 with a 2.35 ERA in 22 starts this season with Triple-A Lehigh Valley. He has allowed 105 hits, 38 walks and struck out 93 in 142 innings. Cloyd does not have great stuff — his fastball is in the 85-89 mph range — but he has been good enough to be named the International League’s Most Valuable Pitcher.

It should be fun to watch tonight.

The Phillies will make a move to make room for Cloyd on the 25-man rosters before today’s game.


I’ve seen him pitch with the Pigs and he’s had lots of luck. But like you’ve said over and over, if the Phillies thought he was major league material, he would have been called up earlier. I wish him the best of luck.

As that old Phillies fan Seneca noted luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Wish him the best but a 85 mph fastball isn’t going to get it done.

Cloyd= Jamie Moyer II

Steve, you mean the Jamie Moyers with 280+ wins? Pretty good for us if he’s that good

Except Jamie Moyer did not win 280+ games. Are you thinking of a different Moyer?

You won’t know until you give him a chance. Glad to see they finally are going to give him a shot (in this lost season) and I hope they hold onto him at the MLB level the rest of the season. One game is a small sample size.

With Worley now on the DL I assume that Cloyd will get an extended look.

So Worley finally goes on the DL. I guess they believed him when he declared he was feeling alright. And now they don’t all of a sudden? Doh! What incompetent arseholes.

pherris, how ever many wins Moyer has, he has more then any other pitcher in the game today. Must have done something right

Whatever, he doesn’t have 280+ wins however. He has 269 spread over 25 years or 10.79 per year and 8.36 losses each year. He was a mediocre pitcher, at best, who pitched for a long time.

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