Rollins Benched Again

The Phillies should not be stunned Jimmy Rollins did not hustle to first base in the sixth inning today at Citizens Bank Park.

He had committed similar sins long before they signed him to a three-year, $33 million contract in December.

He has been pulled from games before for not hustling. He has been scratched from the lineup for being late to the ballpark. Charlie Manuel spoke with Rollins in Milwaukee on Aug. 16 after Rollins strolled to first base in the sixth inning and did not appear to try to break up a double play in the eighth inning in an Aug. 15 game in Miami.

Manuel said that afternoon in Milwaukee, “He should be running hard from now on. We’ll see.”

But exactly two weeks later Manuel pulled Rollins from today’s 3-2 victory over the New York Mets when Rollins did not hustle to first base on an infield popup in the sixth inning. Rollins immediately dropped his head upon contact and lightly jogged to first. Only when Mets pitcher Jonathon Niese dropped the ball did Rollins pick up his pace.

If Rollins had been running hard upon contact, he could have been standing on second base.

Rollins eventually stole second base, but the damage had been done. Manuel talked to him in the dugout after he came off the field – Rollins said little to his manager — and benched him. Rollins remained on the bench the remainder of the game.

“I just got to a place where it’s a reflection on myself,” Manuel said. “It’s a reflection on our team. It reflects on our organization.”

The Phillies take the good with the bad with Rollins. They take the fact he is one of the best defensive shortstops in a baseball and a middle of the pack hitter – his .714 OPS entering Thursday ranked 12th out of 24 qualifying shortstops in baseball – with the fact he will not hustle every time out of the box.

The reality is they must live with that.

“Hell, no,” Rollins said, when asked afterward if he planned to talk to reporters. “He already told you what happened. There you go.”

But asked two weeks ago why he does not run hard on every play, Rollins said, “You’ll end up breaking down, just the wear and tear on your body. Why do people do a lot of things? It’s just the way it is. It’s like, if you’re a pitcher why don’t you throw every ball at 95 mph? Sometimes it’s not going to happen. Hustle doesn’t take talent, but there are other things that go on that sometimes you just get upset about.”

Rollins was upset he popped up again in the sixth inning. Rollins entered the afternoon tied for the big-league lead with 21 percent of his balls in play infield fly outs.

Manuel does not consider that an excuse.

He also knew he had to do something this time. He cannot let Rollins, who has been in the organization longer than anybody, continue to jog down the line without repercussions. If it continued, how could Manuel punish a lesser player for the same act?

“Yeah, I could see where it could affect them,” Manuel said of the other players in the Phillies clubhouse. “Yes. Yeah, I do. … It’s important to hold onto what I said. It’s up to me to back up what I say. With the conversation Jimmy and I had I think we understand one another. I hope the guys on our team understand me too.”

Make no mistake: Rollins’ lack of hustle has irked teammates. But only Manuel has the power to do anything about it. He would not say if Rollins would play Friday’s series opener in Atlanta.

“I don’t know. That’s between Jimmy and I,” he said.

Well, until Manuel fills out that lineup card. Then everybody will know.

So, Charlie, how big of a problem is this?

“It’s no problem at all if we hustle,” he said.

Easier said than done.


Jimmy not hustling on a routine popup (that he obviously expected to be caught) is a reflection on Charlie as a manager, but his bullpen blunders like using Rosenberg aren’t? Makes perfect sense to me.

They should bench him for the entire Braves series. Maybe if they feel nice let him pinch run late in a game, but don’t let him take the field in a double switch.

About RACE????????????????? WTF. Guess it was bound to be brought up. Makes me sick to hear that crap.

Usually the person who plays the race card is the one that has the racial issues.

Nobody runs out a routine infield popup.
Why does anyone expect it of Jimmy?

This is a stupid recurring discussion that needs to be put to sleep.
Jimmy is one of the hardest working guys out there, end of story.

I’m coming around to Crashburn’s POV on this one, and have to wonder if this is really about race.

Apparently this is how you escape responsibility by making everything a racial issue. Should it be that I’d be on your side. Eleven Million a yr for 3 yrs. Phew. I hope they can deal him and I never thought that I ‘d say that about Jimmy..

Seriously, you think this is about race? You and Crashburn need to buy a clue. And please stop posting such nonsense, you drop the blog’s IQ by 100 points with lame statements.

FIre Jimmy. Just release him. This is embarrassing. His teammates are losing respect for him. That ought to be enough to change his approach. If it isn’t then he clearly doesn’t respect his manager or his teammates. Sad.

Please get rid of him….he is a cancer to the to team. No discipline at the plate, no personal disciple, declining skills, poor attitude…overpaid…what’s to like.

ambiguator…how can this be about race?? Manuel and Rollins are known for being very close friends and seem to have a great relationship. Perhaps the person who has problems with race is you. That is why race will always be an issue because people like you never go away.

It’s about race because people who harp on Jimmy’s lack of hustle don’t say a word about it when Chase Utley doesn’t run at max effort on weak fly balls or when Jim Thome would all but walk down the first base line on a routine ground out or when Cliff Lee takes one step out of the box and just waves his hand nonchalantly as he stops and returns to the dugout before the play is even made. It’s really weird how you all jump down Rollins’ throat but give all those other guys, who not-coincidentally have much less melanin than Jimmy, a pass.

Nobody in baseball runs out every fly ball at max effort. Nobody. And the only reason you even care about it this time is because the ball happened to fall. Had it been caught, like it is 99.5% of the time nobody would have cared. That means you’re basing your opinions on the result, rather than the process, which is always wrong.

People get on Jimmy and not other guys like Chase because Jimmy likes to run his mouth all the time. Chase doesn’t say a word. You wanna run your mouth, you’re gonna be made an example of.

Oh heavens, the uppity black boy had the gall to open his mouth and speak his mind?! Hide the women and children!

Give me a break. There’s a reason why Jimmy gets heat when others don’t, and it doesn’t have anything to do with his mouth.

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Wow and I thought I was the only one who thought this had a racial component. Who the fuck sits Charlie when he makes one of his bone headed moves? In all of his too many years here who else has Charlie publicly humiliated in this fashion? No one else has failed to hustle? Between Jimmy and Charlie, adios Charlie.

Watching the replay … Jimmy legged-out a bloop double down the right field line in the second inning and ran out an infield pop-up in the 4th inning. Hard to figure.

I guess it would be better if he ran out every play like Utley and was injured half the season.

Wow. The Zone has jumped the shark with some of these comments.

Do you even have a clue as to what “jumping the shark” means?

i can’t believe anyone is talking about race charlie is a players manager he has only 2 rules hustle and be on time very simple i love j-roll but rules are rules and if charlie does not enforce them he will no dought lose this team jimmy had to know this was coming especialy after what happened a couple of weeks ago charlie is not a racist and it shoulde’nt even be talked about in this issue

Race? WTF is the matter with you people? Jimmy’s got a problem when he thinks he doesn’t have anything to play for or when he is frustrated. It shows in his demeanor, which then shows in his play. It can infect a team and it has to be dealt with because he is one of the de facto leaders of the team.
Playing the race card is totally ridiculous and I’m sure that Jimmy would tell you the same thing.

Infect the team? Give us a break. WTF is the matter with you, Pope? How many more testimonials do you need here to attest to the fact that other players do it and nothing is said or done? This entire situation is just bullshit of Charlie’s making. Charlie has entered the “You kids get off my lawn” stage of senility. He ought to concentrate on teaching someone to improve his hitting. In all his years with the Phillies I cannot not think of one player who he has changed from a mediocre hitter to a good hitter.

You guys who think this is about race must be racist against whites. Charlie doesn’t criticize Mayberry or Brown for their struggles or mistakes. He doesn’t criticize howard for chasing balls so far out of the zone they might as well be in another zipcode. So why just Rollins? The answer is obvious for real phans, Rollins is the leader of this team. When Rollins goes the team goes. I love rollins and his hustle. Lately this year it seems that he has already mailed in this year as a loss, and so have others btw. If chase was the team leader Manuel would say something to him too. All players never run out every play. We get that. Being a leader means you don’t get the choice to run plays out or not. I hope Rollins’ attitude improves because I think he can be a great leader for this team again.

I am white. I can be a racist against whites? The problem is Charlie doesn’t criticize anyone else for their screw ups so why does he single out Rollins? And this team leader bullshit is exactly that, bullshit. Charlie is suppose to be the leader and where has that gotten the Phillies this year? Charlie couldn’t find his own ass with a map, mirror and flashlight,

Your language is deplorable, take that trash somewhere else. All it shows it that you have a lack of vocabulary.

pherris, you just keep reinforcing your status as the biggest idiot on this blog. Seriously, if you can’t understand what is going on between Charlie and Jimmy I really have to assume that you never played team sports in your entire pathetic life.

Rollins and his propensity to hit 15 home runs in 500 plus at bats is a prime case in point of not developing as a hitter.

So the idiot Charlie rewards him by keeping Rollins at the top of the order? Whose fault is that?

Expectations for leadoff hitter and batter Rollins, who at times has been called the face of the franchise and igniter of the offense, and still rates among the top shortstops in MLB, are higher and far different than they are for Lee and Thome. No one exepcts Lee to ignite the offense with his legs; same for Thome. It’s lazy thinking that pins this mainly on racism and not on what the player is supposed to do as a highly-paid professional playing where he does, batting where he does and the profile that he has. Besides, these are repeat offenses. Kids are watching. Accuse Rollins of a lack of focus, indifference or frustration due to his decline and this lost season, but don’t turn his mistakes around and accuse management and the fans of racism. As the leadoff hitter and tormenter of pitchers, if he runs out the pop ups, gets that extra base from the Mets, then there’s no issue. No one wants him swinging for the fences. Hit line drives and run. Let Thome swing for the fences and prudently skip going for that extra bag. As for still batting him leadoff, I defer to the manager and general manager. It’s where he has been the most successful as a hitter. Humiliating him by batting him 6-8 would be true idiocy, particular over a pop up.

Finally an intelligent poster!

Lazy thinking? Give us a break. The question why does it only happen to Rollins still begs an answer.

You got a couple of different answers and have chosen to blow them off. No explanation will satisfy you obviously….

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