Chooch Is Back

Carlos Ruiz is back, but it remains to be seen how much he will play.

Ruiz had been on the disabled list since Aug. 3 with plantar fasciitis in his left foot before the Phillies activated him today. The Phillies plan to ease back Ruiz slowly, using him as a pinch-hitter this weekend before working him in as a defensive replacement. He could start once or twice a week once he gets comfortable.

“We definitely want to be careful with him,” Charlie Manuel said. “What he’s got is something that if he’s on his feet for a long time, if he’s moving a lot, he gets real tight.”

But the Phillies said there is little risk playing Ruiz the remainder of the season.

“If it was going to hurt him, we wouldn’t do it,” Manuel said. “But they feel like it’s not going to hurt him.”

Phillies assistant general manager Scott Proefrock concurred.

“I think we’re very comfortable with the fact that I don’t think he’s going to do any further damage,” he said. “But he hasn’t played so I think it’s just something that we’re going to … hopefully he can come out and contribute a little bit and get back in a rhythm and be ready to go for next year. I think it’s important that he gets back out on the field.”

And why is that?

“I think for him, and I think he still has a chance to help us,” Proefrock said. “As long of a shot as it is, we’re not out of this. He can contribute. He’s an important part of our offense.”

Said Ruiz: “I know everybody was concerned that maybe I was done for the year, but I was thinking that I would try really hard to come back because I want to finish. Now I’m happy that I got activated. I’m ready to go. I want to finish the season. I want to go home happy. I told myself I have to finish playing and then relax and be ready for next year. I was really sad in last six weeks. Now I have the chance to get back in the lineup.”


It must be so hard for him to not be able to play consistently. This kinda broke my heart. No wonder Philly loves Chooooch so much!

if Frandsen is out, why not play Utley at 3B and see if he can handle the throw or not. Better to find out now then after we haven’t made a trade or signed a FA to fill the void

Because, deep inside, they still think they have a chance. And, otherwise, because Utley manages himself and he will tell them when he wants to play third base.

You can’t say they’re not making it interesting. St. Louis tried to make it even MORE interesting today, but they pulled it out in extras.

I believe the Phillies didn’t have a walk-off win prior to the All-Star game. Today was either 11 or 12 for the season.

Phan52: but …

But…what? As far as you’re concerned, it’s Eagles season. You’ve been trashing any opportunity since June. Why are you even here?

Once again, phan52 puts meaning to an innocent comment. Trying to pick another phight, phucker? Go phuck yourself. I’m a season ticket holder. Why are you here?

Season ticket holder? Oh, really? Why are you here and not in your prized seat? Sold on StubHub, I’m sure. why go? What’s the point? It’s Eagles season.

And, where have they gone since June? Sorry to be the lone voice of reason here. Polish your crystal ball, phucker.

No crystal ball, a-hole. Just a phan. 6 back now.
…voice of reason, indeed…

My,my the Pope and the Guru are getting rather testy. Who saw this coming?

If the big shot season ticket holder wants to be a “voice of reason”, then he ceases to be a real “fan”. Being a fan is about being irrationally hopeful until the magic number comes up “0”. “Voice of reason” and “fan” are two attitudes that cannot coexist in the same brain. Lecturing people about percentages is just being a Negadelphian, but it’s obvious muleman relishes the role. He could have easily authored this missive from 2007…

Boys,boys, boys. Let’s just enjoy the fact that Phils are playing some decent baseball in these few remaining games of the season. Especially so many walk-off wins which are a bonus for their excitement. Because we love the team it’s nice to think there might be some hope they can make it into the playoffs (believe me I know their chances are pretty slim).

Karen, the magic number for the Phillies to be eliminated is 17 for the last playoff spot which is now held by the Cards. The Phillies cannot control what the Cards do but as long as they keep on winning they are in it until at least the last week. Getting rid of Victorino, Pence and Blanton may be addition by subtraction. Could it be that Ruin Tomorrow Jr. is some kind of math genius? We all know Ruin is an idiot but will he prove to be an idiot savant? Think Rainman here. Stay tuned.

I just hope that their play lately doens’t convince the front office that this team is a playoff calber team. They have many holes in their lineup and, as this season proved, you can’t put all of your eggs in rookie/ 2nd year baskets. Got to improve drastically during off season. Better to tank this year by trying new things and win next year then finishing 2 games back of wild card and not being good next year, either

Let’s not be premature in condemnation of the rookie/2nd year basket because it isn’t over yet.

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