Manuel: We’re In It

OK, so last week people asked if I thought the Phillies had a chance to win a National League Wild Card.

“Sure,” I said, “but it would take a miracle.”

I said that because the Cardinals had an eight-game lead over the Phillies, who only had 25 games to play. To put that into perspective, the Cardinals were on pace to finish 87-75, which meant the Phillies needed to finish 21-4 (.840) to tie, while the Cardinals needed to finish just 13-12. In other words, even if the Phillies finished a ridiculous 21-4, it would not matter if the Cardinals got on a little bit of a winning streak.

But then the past week happened.

  • Thursday: 8 games back
  • Friday: 7 1/2
  • Saturday: 6 1/2
  • Sunday: 6
  • Monday: 5
  • Tuesday: 4
  • Wednesday: 3

Now the Phillies are three behind with 19 to play. This weekend sets up nicely for the Phillies, too. I know everybody is going to say, well, they should sweep the Astros because the Astros stink. But allowing for the fact crazy things happen in baseball, let’s say they take 3 of 4. I think Phillies fans should be pulling for the Cardinals and Dodgers to split their four-game series this weekend at Dodger Stadium. And if that doesn’t happen you want the Dodgers to take 3 of 4. You definitely don’t want the Cardinals having a good weekend with their next nine games coming against the Astros and Cubs.

If the Phillies take 3 of 4 from the Astros and the Dodgers and Cardinals split, the Phillies would open Monday’s series in New York just two back with 15 to play. If the Dodgers take 3 of 4, the Phillies would be chasing the Dodgers, but still down 2 with 15 to play.


Jimmy Rollins got hammered late last month for not hustling on a pop up, but he has been on a tear since. Coincidence or not, he is hitting .314 (16-for-51) with two doubles, four home runs, nine RBIs and a .934 OPS since Charlie Manuel benched him in that Aug. 30 game against the Mets. His 19 homers lead the team. It looks like he will be the first Phillies shortstop to ever lead a team in home runs in a single season.


Meanwhile, what about the Brewers, they’re as hot as the Phillies. I read the Brewers have won 20 of their last 27.

The Phillies’ pitching will be the difference.

Let’s just go ahead and win the World Series.

Routing for the Dodgers and Mets… two things concern me at this point – the Cards last 15 games (9 vs Houton/Cubs), and the Brewers.

Todd – do you think the Nats and Reds would lay down vs the Cards to keep the hot teams (Brewers/Phillies) out of the postseason? After watching the Cards sneak in last year (thanks to the Phillies beating the Braves) it would seem foolish to not lay down. I’d rather have to face a limping dog than a team that is peaking!

If a team is playing bad, they will continue to play bad. The Phillies didn’t put their best lineups or pitchers out against the Braves last year, especially the last game. They were using guys like Michael Martinez, Wilson Valdez, DeFratus and Schwimer but the Braves just choked like dogs.

Let’s not forget about best record for home field advantage throughout playoffs which might offer an incentive.

In a way this kinda reminds me of 2007 even 2008. Still gotta climb that hill and hope that the some other dominoes fall into place.

Are we witnessing the revenge of the Houston Colt 45s? The 1961 Phillies went 47-107. The next year, 1962, the Phillies improved to 81-80. Did the Phillies improve that much? Not really. 1962 was the first year for both the Mets and Houston, then known as the Colt 45s. The Phillies went 14-4 against the Mets and 17-1 against Houston. The only game the Phillies lost against Houston was the last game between the teams. Is karma going to catch up with the Phillies these 50 years later or Houston’s last year in the NL. Stay tuned.

This looks like Braves bullpen management haha. I think you should toss Aumont out there for the 6th straight night tonight… maybe he’ll bounce back

Killer loss for sure. Hopefully they bounce back tonight and the Dodgers do their part against the Cards.

Bad loss. The kind of loss that dragged them down all year; score early and shut down the offense for the rest of the game and let the bullpen give it up.

Reboot tonight and hope Kendrick isn’t a mirage. A lot depends on how the Cardinals/Dodgers series goes, but we HAVE to win the next three against Houston.
Go Phillies!!

For the Phil’s, last night’s game was as important as WS game 7. You either bring in one of your starters to get the out or go to Paps for a four out save. No rationalization or BS Charlie. Disgraceful!

No you don’t. Those are probably the 2 worst things he could have done.

WS Game 7? Really? You have to do a lot of things to get to a game 7, and this team hasn’t done any of them yet. Overstate much?

Awful quiet pherris

Read what I said. That was a playoff game for the Phil’s. Play to win!

I did read it, You’re a dope.

Ah, look who’s back. Nowhere to be found during a seven game wiining streak, but the master of doom-and-gloom shows up when things go south. Happy now?

What a god awful weekend!! Embarrassing! Guess meaningful baseball in September is now officially a thing of the past barring a miracle. 😦

It ain’t over til’ it’s over. But come on, Halladay! When was the last time you came through when the Phillies really needed it?

Halladay left the game with the lead. The bullpen spit it up and, since when is it a crime to score more runs?

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