Charlie Wants A Big Arm; Bastardo’s Future

The Phillies continue their 2013 bullpen auditions, and with just 14 games to play every inning counts.

Obviously, Jonathan Papelbon will be in the bullpen next year, but who else is behind him?

“I think we have some real good pieces there,” Charlie Manuel said before Wednesday’s game against the Mets at Citi Field. “But I think we need at least one good piece. And when I talk about pieces, I mean someone that’s very, very good. First-class good. That’s what it takes to be a first-class team.”

Manuel wants at least one stud to come from outside the organization, which certainly must be on the Phillies’ to-do list anyway. But inside the organization, right-hander Josh Lindblom, who the Phillies acquired from the Dodgers in the Shane Victorino trade, would seem to have an inside track on a job. Left-hander Antonio Bastardo would seem like an obvious choice, too, but he is 2-5 with a 4.63 ERA in 58 appearances this season and 2-6 with a 5.79 ERA in 66 appearances dating to last season.

Is it possible left-handers Jake Diekman and Jeremy Horst and maybe a left-hander somewhere on the free agent market could bump him out? The Phillies absolutely love Diekman’s arm, although his Achilles heel is throwing strikes. Horst has done the job. He is 1-0 with a 1.14 ERA in 24 appearances.

After all, this business is about results and for more than a year Bastardo has not had them.

“Oh, no,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “I think he’s part of our club. Obviously he’s going to have to continue to prove himself, but I believe he’s going to be part of our club. None of these things are slam dunks for any of the guys, other than maybe Pap. I think (Bastardo) has more experience. I think he’s a much better pitcher than he’s shown. He’s not as great a pitcher as he was probably for the bulk of the season last season, but … you’ve got to kind of get him back on track and moving forward.”


This obviously means that Cholly wants Madson to return.

Seriously…what does Bastardo have on this team? Is it blackmail? Can’t they just pay it and be done with him? Do we have to suffer through another year of him trying to find an OBVIOUSLY lost self-confidence? Can’t he find it with some other team? PLEASE?

stop hating. Since the Allstar break the Bastard has pitched 18.2 innings with an ERA of 3.38, 35Ks, 6 BB. hitters are batting .174 off him, and he has a WHIP of 0.96. Looking good to me

Why is it always the players on the edge who take the heat while all manner of excuse is offered to get the favorites off the hook? Since signing his extension Hamels has won one game. The other day Dubee expounded on how Halladay has had to overcome bad habits he developed while pitching hurt. Excuse me, it takes Halladay half a season to figure it out? A guy who has been pitching in the majors for over 10 years? As bad as things have gotten this year for the Phillies, how much easier would it be at this point if Hamels, Halladay and Lee had lived up to their hype and actually dominated 4 to 6 more games spread among them?

better check your stats, Hamels is 4-2 since he signed his extension. That is 10 games (4 ND). Over that stretch he allowed an avg of 2.5 unearned runs per game (ERA = 2.73) and struck out 71. This team has a lot of issues, but Hamel’s production since he signed the extension is not one of them. BTW – I agree with everything you said about Doc. He is not right, and no one knows if eh will return to form next year or is on his way down. Unlike Howard, if he is not back to form next year, they can get out or trade.

Steve, this is exactly what I am talking about. You want to jump in tell us how good Hamels has been. Besides losing 2 of his 10 starts, he was a non-factor in 4 of them. He was a non-factor in 6 out of 10 games or a majority of the games in which he started. Fortunately, the Phillies went on to win 3 out of 4 of those games but it remains to be said, Hamels was a non-factor. He was bailed out either by the offense or the bull pen.

They must believe they can still help him regain what he had in the first half of 2011. That’s the only thing I can imagine keep them clenching to him.

Why do you simply repeat one of the MLB articles in your blog all the time? If MLB is paying you to blog, then blog! Please say something brilliant or insightful for a change!

So what if Todd repeats what was said on an MLB article? You do realize Todd wrote the MLB article as well. Don’t you?

Dude, Todd WROTE those articles he is quoting.
…insightful, indeed…

Over the last two years Bastardo is 6th amongst all relievers in K rate. You don’t bump guys like that out of the bullpen.

so evryone is agreed, if Doc, Lee, Utley, Howard, Bastardo, Worley, Et al return to “normal” next year we’re looking at a great team. If not, we’re screwed. Now if only we knew who was playing CF and 3B

Relief pitchers are notoriously difficult to project and are at best good, bad, good but there is absolutely no roadmap. Given his stat tendencies, i.e. K rate, increased BB rate, and bad luck with balls hit in play (see studies at Crashburn Alley, it is no wonder he is not as effective. Nonetheless, the talent is there but maybe not the confidence right now. Tony no-dad is a valuable relief pitcher given time.

Personally, when we play the Braves or when I watch them play someone else and I see their bullpen entering the game I say to myself oh no it is OVER. For the past 2 years all I have seen is good things from the braves bullpen, why can’t WE get some FEARED arms like that!!

Joe, apparently you missed September of last season when the Braves bullpen melted down like a cheap candle to cost them a playoff spot.

I think Doc is hurt. He is too good of a pitcher to fall off so quickly. A hard work and perfectionist. He is hurt. Platoon Mayberry & Pierre. Get a players for 3rd or of that hits for ave and obp. Let Charlie retire early. Get a reliable reliever.

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