Phillies: Why Not Pitch Halladay?

If Roy Halladay wants to pitch one more time this season, he will.

Halladay suffered the second-shortest start of his career Saturday because of spasms behind his right shoulder, but will throw a bullpen session tomorrow afternoon at Citizens Bank Park to try to extend his season. If it goes well, the Phillies said Halladay will pitch this Saturday against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park.

“I wouldn’t say it’s all his decision,” Rich Dubee said today. “We’ve involved our medical staff.”

The Phillies said medical exams Friday and Sunday show no structural damage in Halladay’s right shoulder.

“Why not pitch him?” Dubee said. “It’s not a structural thing. It’s a spasm. They’re two different things. If it’s structural we definitely shut him down. He’d like to pitch. I think when you’ve got a guy like him, he deserves that. If he feels like he’d like to go out there and pitch, why not? Especially if you feel confident from the doctor’s reports there’s nothing structurally wrong.”

But the Phillies have reduced Halladay’s workload. They pushed his start to Saturday to reduce the spasms, which eliminated the possibility he could pitch twice before the end of the season. That will give him a jumpstart on the offseason, where he is expected to implement a new offseason workout program to prevent future shoulder problems.

“I think Roy is going to be fine,” Dubee said.

The Phillies can only hope.


Seems like Dubee’s getting a bit of an attitude.

Why not? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because he’s had problems of some sort all season? First was his DL stint, then being sick a few weeks ago (which he never said anything about), now his spasms? What else is going on that he says nothing about?

Why not? Maybe because he sucks? And, why does he “deserve” to start”? Another entitled millionaire like Willard Romney?

Maybe you should try expressing yourself in a adult manner. Roy has pitched extremely well for this team since he’s been here. This year there were some injuries for him and it is unknown as to whether father time has caught up with him. It doesn’t hurt to show some respect.

Okay, an adult manner. Because he sucks. How is that?

Well,It’s obvious you have a limited vocabulary and have no intelligent way of expressing yourself. Try and deal with that as well as your anger .
You are not worth anymore time to reply after this genius.
I hope that you’re happy that you’ve shown your intellect .

And the hits just keep on coming.

Roy Halladay is one of the all-time great pitchers. Period.

Way to go Frillies. I’m rooting for you guys. You are my 2nd fav team for a couple more days. Swat those Gnats.

You should really be at a Braves game once in a while, rooting for the Also Rans from Dixie. 25.000 fans watch the Braves clinch their back door playoff spot? Priceless.

Guess it’s better than sitting home, eh?

Who was sitting at home? I was at at a relatively meaningless game last night attended by over 35,000 Phillies fans because I am a diehard baseball fan. Braves fans (I know, an oxymoron) can’t even be bothered with a potential playoff-clinching game. But look at it this way; at least you will be able to walk up and get tickets the night of the wild card game.

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