Halladay Scheduled to Start Saturday

Roy Halladay is expected to start as scheduled Saturday against the Marlins in Miami.

Halladay suffered the second-shortest start of his career Saturday against the Braves at Citizens Bank Park. He cited spasms in the back of his right shoulder as a culprit, only adding to his list of frustrations this season. But after throwing 32 pitches in a bullpen session today, Rich Dubee pronounced Halladay ready to go.

“Right now, absolutely,” Dubee said. “Unless he has some type of setback, if the spasms came back or whatever. But today was very encouraging.”

Dubee said Halladay, who spent time on the disabled list earlier this season with a strained right latissimus dorsi, looked like a completely different pitcher than the one that lasted just 1 2/3 innings against the Braves.

He reiterated if there is no risk of injury and Halladay wants to pitch, Halladay should pitch.

“This guy is super accountable,” Dubee said. “He feels like he should carry his end of the bargain. And he has. First of all, he came back faster than we expected from the injury with one rehab start. Second of all, there are a lot of guys in this game that wouldn’t have come back as early, if come back, period. They would have just laid down for the year, and this guy wasn’t about to lay down.

“This is the top of accountability. He isn’t happy with his season. He came here to win, and he feels like he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. I think he’s held up more than his end of the bargain just coming back from the injury that he came back from. But he’s going to do anything he can to come back next year. He is open minded and we’re going to put together a program that hopefully that is going to fix all this.”

Dubee said Halladay had no symptoms of the spasms that derailed him Saturday. He also said it wasn’t the first time he had them this season.

“You guys don’t know half of what goes on,” he said. “He’s fought this from time to time. He’s fought this at different times in his career, too. Why stuff crops up, who knows?”

Dubee said he hasn’t placed Halladay on a pitch count Saturday. Like always, he will let the flow of the game dictate how long he pitches.


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You mean, like the “flow” of the last game he pitched, that indicated that he shouldn’t have been out there? That flow? I love the guy, but now is not the time for macho heroics. They’re cooked, and he would be best served taking his time off and coming back healthy for 2013.
Isn’t that what they did with Vance Worley? Clearly, players on this team are not treated equally (Utley, Rollins, Howard ….)

Doc is a future HOFer because he is a warrior, as much as a baseball player can be called that. Mainly, he’s paid big money to pitch. He wants to pitch. He’s physcially capable of pitching, they say. So, he pitches one more game. If he was damaged goods, either physically or even between the ears, as they did with one of the other guys, then the team would shut him down. … Besides, they want at minimum to split the last four games and finish with a winning record. Might as well go with Doc than a bullpen game or whatever the alternative is.

What award do you get for finishing with a winning record? The alternative is a healthy Halladay. Who gives a f**k about a bullpen game at this stage. Use your head, man.

Dubee saw his bullpen, you didn’t. He wants to pitch? Let him pitch.

Sure, risk his health for a meaningless game.

Gotta agree with muleman on this one. Doesn’t quite make sense for a meaningless game. Wonder if they would limit him to 4-5 innings even if he’s feeling okay. Also on a completely different topic: Werth stinks!

Werth is a dick. He has never been phan-friendly anyway and now he is happy to double down.

muleman, what you get with a winning record is the perception that things are not as bad as they appear to be. And perception trumps reality in getting asses into the seats. The Phillies need the asses to obtain the revenue to ride out the “Regime of Ineptitude” visited upon the franchise by the Ruin- Charlie-Montgomery troika. But take heart, there is a broken down veteran ballplayer out there somewhere who Ruin can sign to too long a contract for too much money. A broken down veteran who Charlie can insert into the line up day after day to stifle the development of a young ballplayer. And of course this is presuming that Ruin has not traded all young ballplayers eligible to be stifled for a broken down, overpaid veteran who Charlie will play religiously until he does break down.

Agree with Karen, and phan52, about Werth. The first year I had season tix, I was out in right field. Of course I was sitting in the midst of his adoring public. Couldn’t stand his “holier than thou” attitude, even to his fans. Switched my seats, the following year.

i’m a bit confused as to who runs this team. Utley will tell them when and if he feels like playing 3rd base, and how he will rehab. Halliday decides if he will pitch, and for how long, JRoll seems to decide where he bats and when he’ll hussle. If the players are running the show, why spend money on a manager and coaches?

Do the Phillies even have a manager and coaches or a GM for that matter?

Muleman … you want to win because that’s why you’re there, if not, then they’re doomed. Fans are outsiders, just as phan52 says. If he’s able to pitch, then let him pitch. If he isn’t, don’t let him. (If we’re shutting down reasonably healthy pitchers, then shut down Hamels and Lee too.) However, there are many other dynamics at work too, some we have no hope of appreciating, unless someone on the inside talks: 1) what constitutes healthy enough to pitch? 2) contract issues, 3) team dynamics and how Halladay fits into the team, 4) how the Phillies manage employer-employee relations, etc.

On who’s running the team … Rollins, Utley and Halladay are three of the greatest players to wear the Phillies uniform, and that counts for something when it comes to deciding their fitness to play, leadership roles on the team, etc. You don’t and can’t treat them the same as you treat Minimart, Galvis and Cloyd.

My two cents on Werth .. he’s something of a tool, something which didn’t come out because he had to suppress his personality to fit into a team run by some of the guys mentioned above; as a veteran on the Nationals, he’s able to be himself, hence the occasional tool-ness (or is it toolicity?).

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