Phillies Try, But Can’t Spoil Nats Fun

Such a strange scene last night.

The Phillies win, the Nationals win the NL East, the Phillies take the field to celebrate the 2-0 victory, the Nationals head into the clubhouse to pop the champagne.

The Nationals emerged later to party with the fans.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

“That was the first time we won and got beat,” Charlie Manuel said.

I heard a lot of comments about how loud Nationals Park was last night. It was loud for here, but I think even Jayson Werth would admit it didn’t come close to the noise at Citizens Bank Park when the Phillies clinched their first division title in 2007. Now that was crazy loud. That was energetic. But I’m sure the Nationals couldn’t care less about that. They’re in the playoffs. The Phillies aren’t.


I was at that ’07 clincher. It took me DAYS to get my voice, and hearing, back! LOL!
Glad they won on a Braves loss. And not a win, at home, against us.
My prediction? They won’t go deep into the playoffs. They *might* have the talent. But they don’t have the experience. The playoff atmosphere will eat them alive.

Washington is a football town. Philadelphia is a great sports city.

You could hear CBP from 95-Southbound, that’s how loud it was there. Loser ass National’s fanbase.. Ya I’m salty, whatever though. From first to worst…

So the Phillies are reduced to reminiscing as to how loud their victory celebration were? How pathetic.

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